when did angry birds transformers come out

Since the game was released, this is the list of Angry Birds Transformers updates with new levels, bug fixes, changes in the game appearance, and more

[Versions 2.0.0 – 2.0.2, 2.4.2, 2.7.0, 2.8.0, 2.9.0, 2.14.0 do not exist on the App Store update log (Reason: bad update logging on Rovios dev team)

[Versions 1.51.2 – 1.99.9 do not exist on the App Store update log (Reason: App Store removing older versions to gain space for new updates)]

Walking Mortar Towers

These enemies are among the toughest of all. They resemble enormous walking stones with menacing eyes and massive cannons. Once they’ve seen the player, these enemies move back and forth while launching massive fireballs at them from their cannons. When these fireballs hit a player, they deal extremely high damage. Depending on how hard the hit is, players who are hit will lose more health than a heart. To avoid these enemy fireballs, it is advised to change into a vehicle and move aside. Despite their high health and frequent appearance at the very end of a level, Walking Mortars—also known as Mortar Towers in-game—can be defeated by simply shooting at them and avoiding their fireballs. When an Energon EMP Stunner is used, these enormous foes will solidify into a block and cease to move. If the player boards the Astrotrain, they will also assume this form. They are immune to further damage while in this state. The Energon Shield prevents you from being hit by these enemies’ fireballs. In later stages, a level may contain up to five Walking Mortar Towers. Walking Mortar Towers can be easily destroyed by upgraded Transformers like Energon Galvatron, Heatwave, Sentinel Prime, and Galvatron.

Sharktihogs, as their name implies, are pigbots in shark suits. They are found in levels that have water in the front, usually ones that have a river. They can still be shot at even though you can only see their dorsal fins when they’re underwater. They surface again, aim a laser at you, and then return to the water. They will continue in this manner until they are destroyed or totally submerged (making Fin invisible). Kamikaze Pigbots and Sharktihogs are the only two types of Pigbots that can both smile and deal damage.

Kamikaze Pigbots

These adversaries manifest as grin-laden Pigbots with two dynamite sticks affixed to balloons. If they are successful in colliding, they try to slowly float down onto the player and explode, which will cause the player to lose health. Although they are fairly resilient, you can easily defeat them by shooting their balloon(s), which will cause them to fall and burst immediately. When facing these enemies, Electroblast is useless unless the player uses the power-up to its maximum extent (three Energon cubes). If these Pigbots miss the player and strike the ground, a tower, or any other piece of scenery, they will not award coins; however, if they hit the player or a shield, they will drop coins. Only two types of damage-dealing pigbots can smile: sharktihogs and kamikaze pigbots.

These opponents are the only ones to date that don’t bear any resemblance to robots; they appear as winged, dark pigs. Batpigs are unarmed and do not deal damage when they fly into the player; if they are not shot down, they will fly into the player after a few seconds. Only in cave levels can one find Batpigs, and the Autobird Nautica requires 750 of them to be unlocked. Although not robotic, Batpigs are susceptible to disablement by an EMP pulse and will collapse and burst if struck by one.

Version 2.17.0 (May 23, 2022)[]



Does Angry Birds Transformers still exist?

It is a themed version of the publisher’s mega-popular mobile game Angry Birds. As of RIGHT NOW, no really, RIGHT NOW, it is still live and still updating with new competitions and characters.

How old is Angry Birds Transformers?

The game was made in 2014, and the app is currently free. It is compatible for Ipad, Android, and Iphone.

Is Angry Birds Transformers worth it?

For adults, Angry Birds Transformers is great fun, if you like one or both of the brands obviously. It’s a new genre for Angry Birds that works really well, not least because replaying levels feels a lot less grindy than getting stuck on hard levels in the traditional Angry Birds games.