where to find bird eggs genshin impact

Collecting ingredients, like bird eggs, is important in Genshin Impact to make great recipes to buff and heal party members while out in the world.

As players fight, glide, and run through the beautiful world of Genshin Impact, theyll come across a variety of items that can be used in recipes. Since Genshin Impact recipes can heal players and their NPC party members, apply buffs, and more, ingredients for these are important to gather while out in the world. One ingredient that shows up in a lot of different recipes is the egg.

One of the most popular ingredients in many recipes is bird eggs. Teyvat Fried Egg is primarily prepared with the Bird Egg in Genshin Impact. This particular fried egg is one of the more affordable resurrection meals to make because it only needs one Bird’s egg to cook.

Character development in Genshin Impact depends on finding Bird Eggs, and this guide will assist players in finding the Bird Egg Mountain. Genshin Impact encourages players to delve into every corner of its expansive open world. Players will encounter obstacles to overcome, gather resources, and locate cooking supplies to strengthen their characters. Once they have gathered enough resources and advanced to the appropriate level for both their character and Adventure Rank, players can ascend their characters. Although they are common, it can be difficult to find a consistent amount of bird eggs in Genshin Impact. But there’s a place in Quinyun Peak where finding Bird Eggs is a lot simpler.

You can find bird eggs in a number of different places. This covers the tops of trees, mountains, and buildings—basically, anyplace that birds would go to build their nests. Although players will find it easier to farm eggs at the Bird Egg Mountain location, the Bishui Plain is the most common place to find Bird Eggs.

Genshin Impacts Bird Egg Mountain is located for players directly above the map’s “Huaguang Stone Forest” text. The mountain with the bird eggs at the top will appear as a tiny yellow dot. When players reach the summit of this mountain, four or five Bird Eggs will be waiting for them. To best approach it, warp over to the Genshin Impacts map’s teleport point located north of Qingyun Peak. The point itself will be elevated enough to greatly facilitate access to Bird Egg Mountain. Return in a few days to create some delectable breakfast dishes with the respawn of the Bird Eggs.

Warm bird eggs from Genshin Impacts can also be used to make a number of other dishes that boost the character’s attack, defense, and health. Players that are wise find this hidden mountain in order to regularly find four or five Bird Eggs. Additionally, it is the greatest location in Genshin Impact for farming Bird Eggs, saving a ton of Mora in the process.

Eggs in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, birds lay eggs, and all of these birds’ nesting places are trees. While exploring the area, players will need to look up to locate these gastronomic delights. At the moment, the game has 11 recipes that call for the addition of at least one egg. They are as follows:

  • Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss
  • Lighter-Than-Air Pancake
  • Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup
  • Satisfying Salad
  • Tea Break Pancake
  • Genshin Impacts Teyvat Charred Egg
  • Teyvat Fried Egg
  • Fullmoon Egg
  • Adventurers Breakfast Sandwich
  • Moon Pie
  • Golden Crab


Where are the eggs in Teyvat?

How to Obtain. Bird Eggs can be found in bird nests and critter hideouts around Teyvat, usually in hard to reach, elevated and/or obscured areas such as trees and cliffsides. They are often found in pairs in the same nest. See the Video Guides section or the Teyvat Interactive Map for specific locations.

Where do you get Bird Eggs in tears of the kingdom?

Numerous rocky areas can be found in the Mount Dunsel region, making it easier to locate the Bird Eggs. You should employ your Paraglider and thoroughly explore the mountain corners. You are likely to encounter various rock formations and, consequently, Bird Eggs.

Where can I find eggs in Monstadt?

Where to Buy Eggs. Players can purchase bird eggs from one vendor in the game: Draff from Springvale, Mondstadt. This hunter only sets up shop during the daylight hours, and he sells raw meat, fowl, and has a stock of 5 eggs per day at 200 of Genshin Impact’s main in-game currency called Mora.