how to avoid bird poop

Many homeowners wish to extend their living space with a deck or patio. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to relax outside with friends and family. However, bird poop can turn your dream into a nightmare, causing unpleasant smells and damage to your deck.

To avoid this frustration, we’ve gathered some tips on how to keep away birds from pooping on your deck. Bird poop is a costly problem for wooden deck owners. Sure, you can (and need to) clean your decks – but there are ways to deter birds from your decks and patios.

We’ve gathered some advice on how to prevent birds from pooping on your deck so you can avoid this frustration. Bird poop is a costly problem for wooden deck owners. Yes, you can and should clean your decks, but there are also strategies to keep birds off of your patios and decks.

If you see that birds are visiting your deck on a regular basis, you might want to hang wind chimes close to where they usually nest. The sound produced may scare them off over time. Similar to this, birds can be successfully scared away by an ultrasonic bird repellent device that makes high-pitched noises. These deterrents effectively deter birds by combining movement, light reflection, and noise.

A messy deck or patio attracts birds, who are frequently drawn to food scraps and other debris. Make sure to consistently eliminate any remnants of food, particularly following social events. Look for any gaps or cracks in the siding of your deck that might serve as bird entry points, and make the necessary repairs right away. An essential component of bird control and prevention is keeping your deck clean and well-maintained.

In conclusion, you can enjoy your outdoor space without having to deal with the inconvenience of bird mess by using one or more of these strategies to discourage birds from soiling your deck, patio, or veranda. Please feel free to contact us for an inspection if you have any questions or concerns about keeping your deck clean and free of birds.

You can deter birds on a budget by covering your deck with aluminum foil strips or mirrors. Shiny objects and their own reflections often turn off birds. Bird droppings can be prevented from landing on your deck by the fluttering and light reflection from these materials. Though it may seem unsightly to some ??, this is actually the most economical and practical way to use old, scratched-up CDs and DVDs.

Hang a wind chime on your deck or patio to scare birds away

If there is a lot of bird activity near your home, consider hanging wind chimes outside in the spot where the birds like to build their nests. They will eventually learn to avoid that area because of the sound’s ability to frighten them away. Another option is to use an ultrasonic device, which produces high-pitched noises when birds approach near enough to hear them. Check this out! https://birdsoff. com. au/outdoor-birdlaser/.

Clean your deck regularly, especially if it is made of wood

Cleaning up any food that may have been left behind by people is a good idea because dirt and grime accumulation can attract birds to your deck. This includes stale bread crumbs and other party or picnic leftovers. Additionally, you need to confirm that the siding is free of any gaps that could allow birds to fly in through tiny cracks. If there are, seal them up as best you can.


What keeps bird poop away?

A budget-friendly bird deterrent involves hanging mirrors or aluminum foil strips around your deck. Birds are often put off by shiny objects and their own reflections. The fluttering and light reflection from these materials can deter birds from landing, thereby protecting your deck from bird droppings.

How do you protect from bird poop?

Use a Protective Wax or Sealant Wax or sealant creates a barrier between the paint and the elements, including bird droppings. Be sure to choose a product that is specifically designed for your car’s paint type and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.