how much is a quail bird

Did you visit the Deep South and fall in love with the birdsong of the Bobwhite? You can hear that sweet sound at home, too, by purchasing a small flock of Bobwhite quail from Stromberg’s.

Anticipate: An enjoyable range of hues that can result in an infinite number of color combinations. It is possible for some of these birds to grow to jumbo weights of 12–14 oz, standard weights of 8–10 oz, or any combination of these size ranges. When fully grown, this variety should produce 10–14 g of eggs at a rate comparable to any Coturnix production line.

The German Sparkly Collection, the Schofield Silver Collection, the German Pastel Collection, Pansy, Jumbo Whites, Jumbo Browns, and a few more colors are among the various varieties that can be found in this assortment. As new varieties are added to our hatchery, some of the varieties that might hatch from this assortment are: White, Silver, Lavender, Blue, Slate, Falb Fee, Grau Fee, Roux, Golden, Cinnamon, Platinum, Pansy, Italian, Rosetta, Tibetan, and more!

The breeding quintet has one male and four females, which is the ratio we advise for breeding. The majority of the birds selected for the male/female or breeding quintet will come from feather-sexable varieties. Both feather-sexable and non-feather-sexable varieties will produce the straight run birds. There is no sexing involved with straight run birds, so we cannot guarantee a particular male to female ratio. The price listed for the straight-run, male, and female birds is per bird; the price listed for the breeding quintet is for five (5) birds.

Interested in a variety of options at an affordable price? Consider our hatchery’s selection of premium Coturnix. Although they differ in several colors and patterns, all varieties belong to the same species. This is an excellent way to get a little bit of everything if you want to raise meat or eggs in addition to having a lovely and diverse flock.

***All of our live bird inventory for the spring has been depleted. We do not anticipate having any more birds available in the near future. ***.

Hunting Grounds Quail Stock

Maybe you want to raise quail for hunting areas or raise them to sell to aviaries, wildlife preserves, or hunting grounds. The Northern Bobwhite makes an ideal bird for hunting grounds.