how many bird mounts ffxiv

Pre-Requisite Mounts Needed To Get The Firebird

how many bird mounts ffxiv

As previously mentioned, in order to access the quest that grants Firebird, you must first obtain seven Lanner bird mounts. These horses fall from the Heavensward trials’ Extreme variants.

The trials, mounts, and their unlock quests are as follows:


Mount Reward

Unlocks Through

NPC Location

The Limitless Blue (Extreme)

White Lanner

The Diabolical Bismarck

Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)

Thok ast Thok (Extreme)

Rose Lanner

Thok Around the Clock

Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)

The Minstrels Ballad: Thordans Reign

Round Lanner

Thordans Reign

Alys in Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:8)

The Minstrels Ballad: Nidhoggs Rage

Dark Lanner

Nidhoggs Rage

Alys in Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:8)

Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme)

Warring Lanner

A Fiendish Likeness

Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)

Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)

Sophic Lanner

A Deific Simulucrum

Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)

Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme)

Demonic Lanner

A Demonic Duplicate

Unukalhai in the Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)

Since all of these bird mount trials are level 60, the information is currently rather dated. Since most of these trials can be completed out of sync with a small group of players, When you enter a trial without synchronization, you can equip all of your best gear at your current level and finish the battle much more quickly than if you enter at level 60 as planned. Additionally, a full party of eight is not required to enter the trial. This will make farming for the Lanner mounts much quicker.

You can also exchange 99 of the trials’ unique totems for the corresponding bird mount if you’re really lucky. For instance, you can exchange the Expanse Totems for the White Lanner mount if you collect 99 of them from the Bismarck trial without obtaining it.

  • Bertana, the NPC to trade with, is located in Idyllshire (X:5). 8, Y:5. 2).

how many bird mounts ffxiv

Furthermore, the Itinerant Moogle occasionally sells the Lanner bird mounts, but their inventory fluctuates with each significant update. You cannot hoard Tomestones and wait for the Moogle to offer the mount of your choice because the Tomestones they will trade for will vary every time. You can get these seasonal Tomestones from various duties.

The Itinerant Moogle is located in Uldah, New Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. After every significant update, make sure to return to check if the Moogle has any new mounts available.

However, keep in mind that the Firebird mount itself is never accessible via the Moogles on the Go. That ones all on you.

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