how much is a guinea bird

An Assortment of Guinea Keets

Stromberg’s Chickens is your one-stop shop for guinea keets and fowl. We take great satisfaction in providing high-quality, healthy guinea hen chicks from a variety of breeds.

There is something for everyone in our collection, ranging from the sophisticated Pearl Gray guinea hen to the eye-catching Royal Purple guinea fowl. Using our four generations of experience raising guinea hens and guinea fowl, let us use our knowledge to assist you in selecting and caring for your guinea keets.

Guineas can glide-fly for quite a distance. And they like to fly to the tops of trees. Rather than pensing them, you can clip one wing to keep them grounded. Leave the other wing unclipped. Then, when they attempt to fly, they turn rather than flying straight ahead. They don’t like that, so they stay on the ground.

Guinea keets are not sexed when they hatch. We sell them only as not-sexed keets. From May through August, we hatch and sell thousands of guinea keets every week. You can order as early as November. To check our current shipping months, see our availability chart. For more information about our guinea fowl contact us.

Cackle Hatchery® offers quality guinea fowl for sale. Some of the greatest “watch dogs” are guinea pigs, who will bark and warn anyone approaching their home or territory who is either human or animal. They are also some of the most effective methods for getting rid of unwanted bugs and ticks on your property. Their low cost and low maintenance make them an excellent substitute for chemical pest control. Additionally, their meat is prized in many regions of the world.

We don’t advise guinea pigs for people with close neighbors or small backyards due to their adventurous and noisy nature. However, because they enjoy roaming, they are excellent for homesteads. They flock together and become very agitated if they are split up.


Do Guineas make good pets?

Guinea pigs have a lot of appealing qualities: They’re small, gentle and personable, just to name a few. Like all companion animals though, they require special care and attention.

Are guinea fowl worth it?

Guineas can reduce keepers’ risk of Lyme disease by consuming deer ticks, which carry the disease. Guinea fowl also eat slugs, and flocks have been known to attack snakes. Guinea fowl can also be raised for meat and egg production. The meat of young guineas is tender and tastes like that of wild game.

Are guinea birds friendly?

Temperament. Guinea fowl are not known to be friendly, docile, or affectionate like some chicken breeds. They prefer to be left to their own devices with little intervention from their caretakers. Both male and female guinea fowl are very vocal.

Are Guineas easy to keep?

There’s no denying that guinea fowl are relatively easy to keep, providing you have plenty of space and no near neighbours. They are independent birds, self-sufficient foragers who will find much of their own food.