where is andrew bird from

Discography edit

  • (2010) Useless Creatures (bonus disc reissued for Noble Beast 2009)

The Handsome Family edit

Rennie Sparks, the band’s lyricist and singer, responds in the album’s liner notes, saying, “Listening to Andrews perform our songs feels like suddenly spotting a new and shining doorway in the middle of a room I have spent my entire life in. It’s similar to discovering a staircase that leads to the sky in a forest. Hearing him perform our work makes me appreciate my own songs even more, which is a strange and wonderful pleasure. “[47].

Break It Yourself (2011–2015) edit

Bird joined Mom Pop Music as a record label in late 2011. Andrew Birds’ debut release on the label was the soundtrack to the movie Norman, which featured both his own compositions and other musicians’ songs. [24] Rather than assembling a collection of the movie’s soundtrack tracks, Bird arranged the soundtrack to flow as a stand-alone album. [24] Peymon Maskan, the film’s music supervisor, said to HitQuarters, “The best compliment I’ve heard is that you can imagine the movie by listening to the soundtrack without having seen it.” The sequence is a big part of that effect. “[24].

Break it Yourself, Bird’s new album, was announced on December 6th. It is the follow-up to 2009’s Noble Beast. [25].

A feature-length concert documentary on Birds’ year-long tour, “Andrew Bird: Fever Year,” made its world premiere at Lincoln Center in 2011 alongside the esteemed New York Film Festival. After being screened in more than 90 international festivals and taking home nine awards, the film’s festival-only run came to an end in 2013. “Fever Year” shows Bird and his group in the latter stages of a tour that he supposedly had a persistent fever during. Director Xan Aranda[26] responded to a question about the DVD release on her website by saying that since Bird commissioned the movie and owns the rights to it, he will decide whether or not it is released. In addition, Martin Dosh, Michael Lewis, Jeremy Ylvisaker, and St from Andrew Bird: Fever Year Vincent (Annie Clark).

Bird revealed Hands Of Glory, a follow-up EP to Break it Yourself, in September 2012. [27] The album was released on October 30.

The Orange Is the New Black episode from the second season premiered in 2014 and included the song “Pulaski at Night” by Andrew Birds. [28] Paolo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope debuted with a segment titled “Pulaski at Night.”

Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of, which features covers of The Handsome Family and Birds’ debut album but lacks any of Andrew Bird’s original songs, was released on June 10, 2014. [29].


Where did Andrew Bird grow up?

Bird was born in 1973 in the northern Chicago suburb of Lake Forest, Illinois, in a home that nurtured the arts. He started playing violin at age four and studied the Suzuki method (his mother loved classical music; his father was fond of country artist Merle Haggard).

Is Andrew Bird married?

Katherine Tsina
Personal life. Andrew Bird currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Katherine, and their son, Sam.

How many albums does Andrew Bird have?

Since beginning his recording career in 1997, Bird has released 17 albums and performed extensively across the globe.

Does Andrew Bird play Viola?

Bird currently plays a five-string violin built by Peter Seman. He was looking for a viola to expand his range and Peter suggested that instead he try a five-string violin he had just finished. It was exactly what he needed.