where can i watch early bird

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where can i watch early bird

This isn’t the only Turkish drama making waves, though. As it happens, Turkey excels in romantic comedy and drama series. Additionally, Turkish dramas are currently overtaking other streaming services, much like how Americans love the slow burns and occasionally bizarre plots of K-dramas. After Erkenci Kuş, check out these Turkish dramas that are a must-watch:

This is for the people who love some good teen drama. A group of four high school students want to help their teacher and basketball coach fall in love. But of course, they have to go through all their hormone-laced romance and drama, too. The show currently has two seasons. Watch Love 101 on Netflix.

That’s author Tessa Bailey, who you may recognize from her romantic comedy novels Hook, Line, and Sinker or It Happened One Summer. She started blogging while she watched the show after learning about Turkey’s Daydreamer/Early Bird/Erkenci Kuş phenomenon. She’s not the only one, though. The show ran in Turkey from 2018 to 2019, but it wasn’t until recently that it became extremely popular in America due to its TikTok virality (as well as the smoldering chemistry between the show’s couple).

How about a movie with a similar story setup to Erkenci Kuş? In this Turkish rom-com, Merve is the quirky girl who tries to fit in with the normals by starting a new office job–and falling for her boss in the process. Watch You Do You on Netflix.

Erkenci Kuş stars Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir as they navigate what happens when you fall in love with someone you work for–who also happens to be arguably the hottest man alive. It’s the slow burn office romance of your dreams. If you were hoping to watch it, too, it’s not as simple as firing up Netflix. It isn’t on any of the standard streaming services here in the United States, but there’s one place you can still catch it: YouTube. Check out this playlist of all episodes with original audio and English subtitles.


What is early bird streaming on?

Where to watch Earlybird. Rent Earlybird on Prime Video, Apple TV, or buy it on Prime Video, Apple TV.

Is Erkenci Kus available on Netflix?

Netflix: “Erkenci Kuş” is available on Netflix in some regions with English subtitles. However, this may vary depending on your location. Dizicentral: Dizicentral is a website that provides Turkish TV shows and movies with English subtitles.

How many episodes are there in early bird Turkish series?

How many episodes are there in Erkenci Kus? The number of Erkenci Kus episodes in season 1 is 51.