what is the point of a bird bath

Here’s something you might not know. You can attract other species of birds that won’t visit your feeder for seeds but will come for a steady source of water.

Install a bird bath and maintain it properly and you will see a marked increase in the species of birds visiting your yard. Here’s some tips on birdbaths that will help you attract the most birds.

Combine a birdbath with feeders and you will see an increase in the number and species of birds. Add a birdbath, maintain it well and enjoy the antics of your feathered friends. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Even though a tiny birdbath seems adorable and lovely, it might not be the greatest option for drawing birds. It’s important to find a larger bird bath with a wider bowl on top so that more than one feathered friend can visit at once. Another option is to set up two or three bird baths in one location, which is a very lovely way to landscape and a fantastic way to draw in more birds.

1. The right location really does matter

Birds like cover—it makes them feel protected and secure. So, there’s a better chance that birds will use your bird bath if you can position it close to bushes, trees, or other cover. Furthermore, it’s advisable to keep your bird bath out of direct sunlight to prevent the water from becoming unpleasantly hot. The water in a bird bath will not dry out as quickly if it is placed in a protected, shaded area, which will significantly slow down the rate of evaporation. In addition, slower-growing algae and fewer insects are likely to deposit their eggs in cooler water. If it is not possible to completely shade the bath, arrange it so that it receives shade in the middle to late afternoon, when summer temperatures are at their highest.

Lastly, make sure you choose a location where you can see it. Place it somewhere you will frequently see birds so you can enjoy and see them when they visit.

3. Give Your Birds Perching Spots

Certain bird baths are quite deep, which deters songbirds from using them. Just an inch or two works best. If your bird bath is deeper than average, you can add some interest by placing some rocks in the center or around the edges. This will provide a landing area for birds so they can splash around in the water and groom themselves.


Are bird baths a good idea?

Bird baths are good year-round—especially during migration season, which offers the chance for unique or rare visitors. Not all birds come to backyards for seed or suet, but they will all stop by for water.

What goes in a birdbath and never gets wet?

Q: What goes in a birdbath but never gets wet? A: The bird’s shadow.

What do birds do with a bird bath?

Water features—such as bird baths, garden ponds and water fountains—are centerpieces of bird activity in yards, acting as safe places to get clean and sip fresh water. Add one to your space to attract these birds that usually turn up their beaks at birdseed offerings, but can’t resist taking a dip in a birdie pool.

Why do birds stop using a bird bath?

Shelter: Birds are nervous when they drink or bathe, and if a bath is too exposed, they are less likely to use it. Position the bath near a bush or tree that birds can escape to if they feel threatened, but do not put it so close that predators could easily hide and attack the birds.