what is the pink angry bird’s name

Developed by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds game titles obtained over 3.7 billion downloads, becoming one of the most popular and addictive mobile games.

With the franchises massive success, the brand released its merchandise and Angry Birds movie. But what are the Angry Bird names? We researched all the Angry Birds characters and created an in-depth guide to help you answer the query.


Stella’s physical weakness is evident in her inability to break even a single Wood block with three consecutive throws.

As her second ability, Stella is more useful. She has the ability to bounce off one surface and crash into another, perhaps igniting a tiny explosion.


  • Name: Stella
  • Known Aliases: Pink Bird, Girly Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock; Stellas Flock (leader)

17 Popular Angry Bird Names

The real Angry Birds game icon, Red is a Northern Cardinal known for his short temper, leadership, and extreme hate of the green pigs. In addition, the Red Angry Bird developed his anger issues from being deserted by his parents before hatching and being bullied by other birds [1].

He is a well-known Angry Birds character and even served as the game’s icon.

The amiable and daring young bird Stella appears in the video game Angry Birds Stella. Stella is a genuine Angry Birds character that is modeled after a Galah. She is akin to a cheerleader bird and is thought to be the least angry of all the birds in the franchise.

what is the pink angry birds name

Red’s best friend, Charles, also known as Chuck, is the Yellow Angry Bird. Based on an Atlantic Canary, he is one of the actual Angry Birds in the series. With a top speed of 100 mph, this Yellow Bird is also the swiftest bird on Bird Island.

One of the actual Angry Birds, Bubbles, is a member of Red’s flock and is modeled after an orange Jamaican Oriole with balloon-like inflating capabilities. Bubbles is known for his fearlessness and cheerful smiley expression. Moreover, he is the only bird that enjoys eating sweets and candies.

what is the pink angry birds name

Also known as the Black Bird, Bomb is another member of Red’s flock, resembling a Myna Bird or Greater Antillean Bullfinch. He is also the only Angry Birds character that works as an improvised explosive device (IED), causing many problems on Bird Island [2].

Silver, a character in Angry Birds 2, has different designs and looks like a gray falcon. She is Chuck’s younger sister, whom the pigs abducted before they hatched. Silver has a goofy character and Red’s love interest.

what is the pink angry birds name

Hal is another member of the main Angry Birds flock and a Boomerang Bird, based on an Emerald Toucanet. In the series, Hal is the only character to be saved twice. Hal nevertheless has a friendly, compassionate, and daring nature and enjoys camping and playing the banjo.

For the other bird characters in the franchise, Matilda, also known as the White Bird, serves as the head of the Anger Management Class. Matilda in Angry Birds is modeled after a compassionate, maternal chicken that values harmony. She also married Terence and gave birth to four hatchlings.

what is the pink angry birds name

The Angry Birds Blues follows the exploits of Jay, Jake, and Jim, three identifiably similar characters from the franchise. These birds, which were inspired by Eastern Bluebirds, initially showed up in Poached Eggs. They also have a reputation for being naughty and slingshotting themselves.

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Terence, the most formidable member of the main flock in the Angry Birds series, goes by the nickname “Big Bird.” Like his younger brother Red, Terence is a massive red bird. His quiet and rational nature stems from his desire for a tranquil lifestyle.

what is the pink angry birds name

King Pig Smooth Cheeks, the leader of the green bad piggies, is too obese to hold the title of king. His personality lacks intelligence and at first resembles that of the other pigs with smaller bodies. Along with being cruel, avaricious, and naive, King Pig also has a royal painter minion pig named Artist Pig.

The Hatchlings are newborn baby birds that are adored by fans for their endearing features. Their gender, color, and appearance vary depending on their parents. Their large eyes contrast with their small hands, feet, and beak. The Hatchlings are also mischievous yet adorable.

what is the pink angry birds name

Courtney, a pig based on an entitled millennial who enjoys music and spends most of her time on her phone, made her debut in the Angry Birds movie 2. Nevertheless, Courtney is Leonard’s most competent and capable assistant. She is also sporting a smartphone, hot pink headphones, and braces.

Garry is a haughty pig who oversees the creation of the newest and coolest gadgets at the Pig Lab for the team piggy mission, resembling the geeky character Q from the James Bond films. His mustache and large glasses are the epitome of what an inventor should look like.

what is the pink angry birds name

In the puzzle video game Bad Piggies, Ross, a young pig with freckles, plays a transport vehicle-making hobby. In addition to him, there are other evil pigs like the Handsome Pig, whom the Evil Princess Gale smites, and Corporal Pig, who oversees the training of other pigs.

Zeta, who was once known as Zelda, is the ruler of Eagle Island and desires to make Bird Island and Piggy Island into her dream summer retreat. She is modeled after Debbie’s mother and the ex-wife of Philippine Eagle and Mighty Eagle.

what is the pink angry birds name

The inspiration for Ethan Mighty Eagle was a massive bald eagle that could instantly eradicate pigs and enjoyed sardines. He is the only character in the video game Angry Birds that needs to be unlocked. But in the film, he is presented as a cowardly, weaker legend who is out of shape.


Who plays the pink bird in Angry Birds?

Dove Cameron takes on the role as Ella, a pink and white bird and the newest face to the Angry Birds crew! Though the 23-year-old singer and actress is new to this movie, she has already gained valuable experience starring in Disney’s Descendents, the role for which she is best known.

What is the pink bird in Angry Birds Power?

When activated, the Pink Bird will surround itself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds. Any blocks or pigs within the bubble’s range will trapped in either pink, green, or blue bubbles. All of the bubbles will then rise towards the sky.

What is the girl Angry Birds name?

Stella. Stella is an adventurous and friendly young bird from the Angry Birds Stella video game. One of the real Angry Birds characters based on a Galah, Stella is like a cheerleader bird and is considered the least furious of all the other birds in the franchise.

Do Angry Birds have names?

The main Flock consists of the following five birds: Red is the most responsible member. He is the hotheaded leader of the Flock. Jay, Jake and Jim are the youngest, being triplets – and the most daring.