what is the official bird of michigan

On January 26, 1837, the 26th state to become a US state was Michigan. The capital city of this state is Lansing. Michigan has two nicknames. One is the respectable Great Lake state, as you can guess, because of the Great lake. The other nickname is a lot more fun and pop-culture savvy – It is called the Wolverine state. Not a nickname that needs any explanation, does it? So which bird has this state chosen to represent?

What Is The State Bird Of Michigan?

The American Robin is the state bird of Michigan. It was the bird chosen by the Michigan Audubon Society through an election. Since 1931, the American Robin has served as the official state bird. It is also known as Robin Redbreast. This is due to the Robin’s red chest area contrasted with its typically black rest of the body. The law states that the American Robin is not only the state bird of Michigan, but it is also without a doubt the most beloved.

What Makes The State Bird Of Michigan Unusual?

There isn’t anything particularly unusual about the Michigan state bird. Though, the red breasts do make people a little curious. They also have an incredibly sweet call. The lovely notes of an American Robin’s call can brighten your day.

Every state has a state bird, but what does it mean to have one? It’s essentially symbolic and has to do with pride and identity, according to Patrick Shea, byline. The American robin, with its dark head and red-orange breast, was named the state bird of Michigan in 1931 after the Legislature passed a resolution designating it as the most well-known and adored bird in the state. Its call is considered a sign of spring.

SHEA: Cooperation between environmental organizations, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the U S. Forest Service to help the warbler make a comeback. Large tracts of jack pine forest were set aside as protected Kirtlands warbler habitat, and they also practiced prescribed fire and replanting. And its working. As per the most recent DNR survey, the number of warblers has increased from approximately 400 in 1987 to at least 4,000 currently.

SHEA: The warbler nests on the ground beneath young jack pine trees in northern Michigan during the majority of the year, although it spends its winters in the Bahamas. Jack pines rely on fire to reproduce. It melts the resin that holds their pine cones together. Thus, as a result of people putting out fires, the habitat changed and the warbler population decreased. The species was in danger of going extinct by the 1980s.

Many in Michigan, particularly in the north, are proud of the warblers’ comeback. For a little additional charge that supports warbler conservation, some people even have the bird featured on their license plates. However, Markkanen expresses surprise that some individuals aren’t as enthusiastic about the suggested change. They want the robin to remain the state bird.


What is the official bird of your state Michigan?

In 1931, the AMERICAN ROBIN (Turdus migratorius) was chosen the state bird. It had been favored by the Michigan Audubon Society. Sponsors called the robin “the bestknown and best-loved of all the birds in the state of Michigan.”

What is the official animal of Michigan?

Michigan. The white-tailed deer is Michigan’s state game mammal.

What is the state bird and tree of Michigan?

The flag, seal, flower (apple blossom), bird (American robin), and tree (white pine) are some of the major state symbols of Michigan.

What is the official fish of Michigan?

Brook trout
Legis lation enacted in 1988 designated the Brook Trout as Michigan’s official State Fish. The trout lives in many of Michigan’s lakes, rivers, and streams.