what is the green angry birds name

Developed by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds game titles obtained over 3.7 billion downloads, becoming one of the most popular and addictive mobile games.

With the franchises massive success, the brand released its merchandise and Angry Birds movie. But what are the Angry Bird names? We researched all the Angry Birds characters and created an in-depth guide to help you answer the query.


Language Name English translation
Finnish Hemmo
Korean ? (hal) Hal
Russian ??? (Khel)
Ukrainian ??? (Khel)


  • Strength: For materials made of glass, ice, or stone, Hals power is insufficient. Thick layers of wood are not impervious to his power.
  • Accuracy – Using Hal’s ability before he gains momentum can have a weaker effect, but a well-timed hit can cause significant destruction. For even more accuracy, the player also needs to become proficient with Hal’s launch angle.
  • Water: When used underwater, his ability malfunctions and he becomes a corpse upon contact, as in Piglantis.


Chuck is the only other bird in Red’s flock with a beak color other than yellow, and Hal is a medium-green bird with a large orange beak. He has four (sometimes three) spiky tail feathers like Chuck and three top black feathers like Matilda. He has medium-sized eyebrows, two eyes on either side of his beak, and pure white chest feathers.

He had three thick black eyebrows, large bulging eyes on one side of his head (that tend to switch places), a dark yellow beak with an orange tip, and medium green feathers in his early Kombo Studios animation design. Surprisingly, this design more closely resembles his prototype Chrome design than the original.

Hal’s black markings on the base of his beak make him more like an actual emerald toucanet in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola trailer. In this version, he is devoid of the feathers on his head and has yellow rings surrounding his eyes. He has a different shade of orange in his beak, with a red patch close to his nares. He no longer has the white stomach that was present in his earlier designs, and his feathers are now emerald green.

Hal makes an appearance in the Angry Birds movie as a green, anthropomorphic emerald toucanet. His design resembles a cross between his Kombo and prototype chrome designs. He has orange stubby feet and his beak turns back to a simple orange color. His stomach has turned pale beige, and the black feathers on his head and tail have turned green. He is voiced by Anthony Padilla in the movie.


Who is the green guy in Angry Birds?

Leonard, from Angry Birds Reloaded. Leonard is an anthropomorphic chubby pig with green skin. His head is directly connected to his oval torso without a neck, though he has a green beard separating both parts of his body.

What is the green bird off of Angry Birds?

Hal (previously known by fans as “Boomerang Bird”) is an emerald toucanet who is the 6th member of The Flock.

Do Angry Birds have names?

The main Flock consists of the following five birds: Red is the most responsible member. He is the hotheaded leader of the Flock. Jay, Jake and Jim are the youngest, being triplets – and the most daring.

What is the green hatchlings name in Angry Birds?

This cute teal green bird with blue eyes is called Vincent and he is a Hatchling who appears inThe Angry Birds Movie.