what is the fastest bird of prey

I’ve always read that the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird with the quickest acceleration rate, but was watching the SuperNatural show on National Geographic and they claimed the Goshawk has the fastest acceleration of any bird of prey. The internet isn’t helping me much here, as top speed and acceleration are two different things. The falcon clearly has the top speed (up to 242mph!!) but does anyone know which bird has the quickest acceleration? Thanks so much!

However, we’re practically concentrating on prey birds today, so we’re mainly examining the diving speeds of these powerful predators.

It’s amazing to watch birds soar across the sky, but how quickly can certain predators move and how do they accomplish it? Let’s take a look at the top five fastest predators.

Wing shape is a major factor in how fast a bird can fly – and not all wing shapes are created equal.The long, thin, pointy wings that are perfect for high-speed flight aren’t well-suited to soaring on thermals, hovering, or maintaining a high constant speed. because of speed isn’t always the number one goal of a given bird species, many bird species evolved to have other wing shapes that are well-suited to their niche.

There are many incredibly fast birds out there. The White Throated Needletail, a small swift native to Asia’s mountains, can reach speeds of up to 105 miles per hour, making it the fastest flapping bird in the world. When they catch the correct wind currents, frigatebirds, albatrosses, and other seabirds can reach speeds of almost 100 miles per hour.

One of the many strategies birds use to obtain a competitive and evolutionary advantage is flight speed. While the majority of swift predators use their speed primarily to catch prey, some also use it to intimidate rivals or elude larger predators! Browse CategoriesRELATED NEWS

Although I’ve always read that the Peregrine Falcon has the fastest acceleration rate, I recently watched the National Geographic SuperNatural show, which stated that the Goshawk is the fastest-accelerating predatory bird. The internet isn’t doing me any good here because acceleration and top speed are two different concepts. I’m sure the falcon can fly the fastest—up to 242 mph!—but which bird can accelerate the fastest? Thank you very much!


What is the second fastest bird?

Name of Birds (Rank)
Maximum Speed
1. Peregrine falcon
389 km/h
2. Golden eagle
240–320 km/h
3. White-throated needletail
169 km/h
4. Eurasian hobby
160 km/h

What hawk flies 200 mph?

The bird that can achieve the greatest airspeed is the peregrine falcon, able to exceed 320 km/h (200 mph) in its dives.

What bird can fly 100 mph?

Studies have clocked an Indian bird, the spine-tailed swift, at over 100 miles (160 km) per hour. Visit The Travel Almanac to see more of the world’s fastest birds while traveling at level flight. The fastest bird – or animal – in a dive is the Peregrine falcon.

What is the fastest bird in North America?

The Greater Roadrunner that lives in deserts of North America is known to run at up to 42 km/h.