what is the blue angry birds name

Characters edit

  • The Blues are the three triplets Jake, Jay, and Jim. They are cunning and intelligent, and they either hilariously fail or succeed in their plans, but they never give up. Each triplet in this series (as well as the previous one in The Angry Birds Movie) can be identified by their distinct eye color: Jim has brown irises, Jake has teal irises, and Jay has blue irises. The three brothers are Jim, the shy and wacky little brother, Jake, the laid-back middle-hatched brother, and Jay, the self-assured, know-it-all oldest brother and leader of the Blues. In this series, Heljä Heikkinen, Vilppu Uusitalo, and Vertti Uusitalo provide the voices of The Blues. In The Angry Birds Movie 2, JoJo Siwa plays Jay, the leader of the blues.
  • Pink hatchling Zoe is highly inquisitive, particularly when it comes to the intriguing plans that the Blues have in store. She thinks that everything is fun. In The Angry Birds Movie 2, Brooklynn Prince provided her voice.
  • Will is a purple hatchling who primarily lends assistance to other hatchlings when needed.
  • As a young hatchling, Vincent constantly engages with his environment.
  • Originally appearing in “Flight Club,” Arianna is an orange hatchling.
  • Samantha was originally shown in The Cutest Weapon as a light yellow (or white) hatchling. Additionally, she had starred in a short film titled “The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm,” in which she befriends a worm that she adopts in an unexpected way. In the movie, she also encountered Red as she was crossing the village’s main street and blew a raspberry at him.
  • The mother of the Blues who starred in the Angry Birds movie, Olive Blue first appeared in “The Cutest Weapon” as an Angry Birds Blue. Olive is voiced by Heljä Heikkinen in this series, but Danielle Brooks voices her in the movie.
  • The father of the Blues who starred in The Angry Birds Movie, Greg Blue first appeared in “Knights of the BBQ” as an Angry Birds Blue. Greg is voiced by Antti Pääkkönen in this series, but Kevin Bigley voices him in the movie.

Episodes edit

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “Mighty Delivery” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 10 March 2017 ( )
The Blues try to create a do-it-yourself clubhouse. But it wont stand too long if the Hatchlings get in their way.
2 “Whistle” Thomas Lepeska Stuart Kenworthy 17 March 2017 ( )
Zoe is given a whistle tool to whistle, but she accidentally swallows it and makes constant whistle noises. So the Blues try different methods to take it out of her.
3 “Camp Out” Thomas Lepeska Stuart Kenworthy 24 March 2017 ( )
The Blues go off for a fun camping night. Little do they know they are not alone.
4 “Flight Club” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 31 March 2017 ( )
Jim is having a rough time making paper planes, so he invents a large one to show off. Things dont go as planned when Arianna takes his large paper plane for a ride.
5 “Hatch Off” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 7 April 2017 ( )
Its a tennis match between two Hatchlings trained by Jake and Jay. Who will win this hatch off?
6 “Bust A Move” Thomas Lepeska Stuart Kenworthy 14 April 2017 ( )
Jim wants to sleep, but the other two Blues are doing a dance battle. So he drops in to add some beat to the music.
7 “Trap-A-Geddon” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 21 April 2017 ( )
Jim, Jake and Jay try to outdo one another for a prank.
8 “Kite” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 28 April 2017 ( )
The Blues attempt to fly a kite, but things dont go according to plan.
9 “Sticky Feathers” Thomas Lepeska Stuart Kenworthy 5 May 2017 ( )
Jim and Jay play with Jakes plane without his permission and must hide the broken plane from him until they fix it.
10 “Three Ring Circus” Thomas Lepeska Bernice Vanderlaan 12 May 2017 ( )
The Blues host a three-ring circus for the Hatchlings.
11 “Sprung Out[1]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 14 September 2017 ( )
The Blues get catapulted into a turbulent situation when the Mighty Express delivers the wrong pieces for them.
12 “The Cutest Weapon[2]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 16 September 2017 ( )
The Blues discover Samanthas cuteness as a highly effective weapon, so they use her to get whatever they want, but they end up not wanting what they get.
13 “On Target[3]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 22 September 2017 ( )
Let the games begin! Bigger isnt always better, but the Blues are certainly on target to have a fun time with Vincent.
14 “First Love[4]” Thomas Lepeska & Meruan Salim Bernice Vanderlaan 26 September 2017 ( )
Jay might not appreciate being the object of Samanthas type of friendship, so he tries to find ways to get away from her, without much success.
15 “Knights of The BBQ[5]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 28 September 2017 ( )
As the brave Knights of Blue practice their archery, they awaken a fearsome dragon. The Blues rally and charge forth to protect their home from the fire-breathing beast made of their dads griller.
16 “Joyride[6]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 30 September 2017 ( )
Step up, step up! The Blues pull out all the stops to be the leader and try out dads new toy. Sometimes it doesnt pay off to go first.
17 “Parkour[7]” Thomas Lepeska Bernice Vanderlaan 3 October 2017 ( )
Jim wants to prove to his brothers he can complete their parkour challenge… he just needs the help of his bouncy pals, the Hatchlings.
18 “Make It Or Break It[8]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 5 October 2017 ( )
Jay breaks his moms vase and wants to tell her the truth, but Jake, Jim, and their father try to fix it before she notices.
19 “Trampoline Rescue[9]” Thomas Lepeska & Meruan Salim Bernice Vanderlaan 6 October 2017 ( )
The Blues try to rescue Will who gets stuck in a tree, but end up needing to be rescued themselves.
20 “Picnic Bandit[10]” Thomas Lepeska Amy Mass 9 October 2017 ( )
The Blues are on a picnic, but Jake wants to eat everything, so he put the blame on other hatchlings to eat all by himself. Hes caught when the hatchlings expose him hiding the food and he is punished by his brothers to clean up the dishes.
21 “The Last Strawberry[11]” Thomas Lepeska John Fountain 11 October 2017 ( )
Things get out of control when both Jake and Jim refuse to be the one to give up the last strawberry. What will their battle cost them this time?
22 “Little Big Heroes[12]” Thomas Lepeska Bernice Vanderlaan 16 October 2017 ( )
Action! Jake takes the lead in setting the scene for Blues to become heroes to the damsel in distress, only to become a real hero to the Hatchlings.
23 “The Bad And The Blues[13]” Thomas Lepeska & Meruan Salim John Fountain 2 November 2017 ( )
When Dad takes the precious cookies (biscuits in British) for himself, cowboys Jay, Jake, and Jim vow to get them back – rootin’ tootin’ western style.
24 “Triple Time-Out[14]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 9 November 2017 ( )
The Blues are given a time-out so dad can read his paper in peace, but if they dont speed up the timer, Dad will soon be in pieces.
25 “Hypno Daze[15]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 16 November 2017 ( )
Jake hypnotizes his brothers to do his chores, but is left with more to clean up as chaos ensues and a little dirty patty for lunch.
26 “Trick Shot[16]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 23 November 2017 ( )
A simple game of croquet turns competitive with all three Blues involved. While they try to outplay each other they lose sight of the prize and the underdog takes the win!
27 “All Feathers On Deck[17]” Thomas Lepeska Jeff Hand 25 November 2017 ( )
Aaaaargggghh! After being forced to walk the plank, Jake leads a troop of pirate hatchlings to take over the ship steered by his brothers. However, his plot for revenge doesnt quite pay off as planned.
28 “Build-A-Blue[18]” Thomas Lepeska & Meruan Salim Jeff Hand 30 November 2017 ( )
The Blues get their building hats on once again when they decide to take over and help Dad with his latest project for Mom.
29 “The Hatchonaut[19]” Thomas Lepeska & Meruan Salim Bernice Vanderlaan 7 December 2017 ( )
Who is the strongest, fastest and wittiest Hatchling of them all? The Blues run the Hatchlings through various tests to find out, and who knows, maybe the winner gets rocketed into space! Nope, just for a ball stuck in the tree.
30 “The Last Act[20]” Thomas Lepeska Bernice Vanderlaan 14 December 2017 ( )
A well rehearsed and perfect play quickly turns into chaos when the Hatchlings get involved. Turns out that chaos is just so much more entertaining with a little help of cute annoying Hatchings.

When Bomb plays with The Blues in the episode Shrub It In, he takes on the role of a more accepting father figure. Additionally, in the cartoon episode The Bird Who Cried Pig, Bomb is seen playing with them. They also happen to call Bomb “Uncle Bomb” in the Angry Birds Mini-Comics #1. Additionally, according to the official Angry Birds website, Bomb is preferred by The Blues over Red because of Bomb’s more endearing nature.

The Blues, however, appear differently in “Angry Birds and Mighty Eagle” and “Summer Pignic.” They now have lighter feathers beneath their beak, giving the impression that they have chest feathers. They have three head feathers instead of two, large, thick eyebrows similar to Red’s, and blue tail feathers that are more detailed than black.

For The Blues, Red is a father figure, but he’s stricter than Bomb. As demonstrated in the Toons episode Dopeys on a Rope, he places them over the eggs and has faith in them to keep them safe. After being launched into a mountain in Slingshot 101, Red worries greatly for them, fearing that the pigs will defeat them. But in the end, they can be seen joking around with one another.

The Blues prefer to travel with Hal over Red, who offers to accompany them, indicating that Hal is viewed as a superior father figure by them. Hal is willing to assist them in overcoming numerous challenges, such as navigating a cliff, providing cover from the rain, and acting as a boat to cross a river. The reason the Blues seem to cling to Hal more is that his beak is one of his most valuable attributes.

It can be assumed Terence and The Blues are good friends. In their description on angrybirds.com, it is shown that they play pranks with him as some sort of prop, as it mentions they dressed up Chuck in a pig costume and called Terence over to deal with him.


What is the blues real name in Angry Birds?

Jay, Jake, and Jim, otherwise known as the The Blues, are three brothers in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment . They were first introduced in 2009 with the original launch of the game. The Blues are Eastern Bluebirds.

Do the Angry Birds have names?

The main Flock consists of the following five birds: Red is the most responsible member. He is the hotheaded leader of the Flock. Jay, Jake and Jim are the youngest, being triplets – and the most daring.

What is the blue angry bird’s ability?

In Rio Stage 1-6, the blue bird makes his first appearance. Unlocking this bird means gaining a new ability—the scattershot. After you sling him towards a structure, tap the screen to split him into 3 separate blue birds.

What is Red’s real name in Angry Birds?

Red J. Bird, from the original Angry Birds. Red J. Bird, from Angry Birds Space as “Super Red”.