what is the brand with the bird logo

The bird is a symbol of freedom and motion, a graphical representation of lightness and purity, of something spiritual and joyful. Many large companies and brands choose the of birds for their logos. Especially often you can see these flying creatures on the emblems of airlines and sports teams because the bird is a symbol not only of movement but also of speed.

In our today’s article, we take a closer look at the most popular logos depicting birds, and we see that in most cases they have the same meaning. As for graphic design – today we’ll see a variety of styles from minimalistic birds drawn with sketchy lines to incredibly detailed and detailed s. All the brands in the list are arranged in alphabetical order.

An elegant gold swallow from the logo of the French cognac house Martell is a symbol of excellence and high quality. Drawn above a serif uppercase logotype in navy blue, the golden lines of the bird are supported by the gold tagline on the badge, composed of a lettering and traditional ornate crest.

One of the world’s most famous DJs, Tiesto, uses a bird as his symbol too. An abstract minimalistic silhouette of a bird in solid black is drawn vertically above the logotype, enclosed into a black circular frame. The tail of the bird is formed by five rounded lines, cutting the frame of the emblem and lettering in the air.

Creighton Bluejays is the name of an athletic program, representing Creighton University in Nebraska. The visual identity of the teams in this program is based on an of a bird’s head, inscribed into a stylized capital letter “C”: both elements are executed in one color palette, composed of two shades of blue and white.

Memphis Redbirds is the name of a professional baseball club from the United States, which has a bird not only as a part of its name but also on the logo. The badge looks cool and modern due to the use of neon light, making up the lettering and stripes on a crest under the of a red bird’s head.

One of the most iconic logos with a bird is the Twitter insignia. The bright blue small bird from the badge of social media is placed against a white background and represents freedom, progress, and unity. The smooth lines of the bird make the look friendly and welcoming, while its color palette represents reliability and safety.

Another air carrier with a bird in its logo is Singapore Airlines. The badge of the air carrier is set in the blue and yellow color palette, with the blue two-leveled inscription underlined by a thick yellow line, supporting the geometric of a bird, drawn in yellow on the right from the wordmark. The wings of the bird are spread up, slightly bent to the left, and drawn in three thick yellow lines.

The visual identity of one of the world’s most famous food corporations, Nestle, has three birds in it. Two babies sitting in the nest, with their mom feeding them. The is drawn in bold blue contours over a transparent background and accompanied by a bold strict logotype, adding stability and professionalism to a tender and touching .

The Italian manufacturer of motorcycles, Moto Guzzi, has a drawing of a powerful eagle as a part of the logo. The bird is drawn in pink-gold lines above the bold black lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface, with the elongated wings spread to the sides and slightly curved up. The looks strong and chic.

One of the most iconic logos with a bird is the badge of Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion label. The bird here is drawn in a minimalistic style, set in bold black horizontal lines against a white background, with the geometric contours of the wings. The is accompanied by elegant serif lettering, which balanced and softened the look.

The most popular bird logos of all time

American Eagle

The emblem of this entirely American company features the national animal of the nation. It draws the bird in a silhouette manner, giving it a commanding appearance. This gives the impression that the bird is approaching you from above. Its black and white color scheme makes it versatile and simple to use on a variety of materials, including tags and clothing designs.

Penguin Books

The British publishing company chose to go for a flightless bird. Puffin is the left-facing penguin that you see on the spine of classic books. The designer behind this mascot logo is Edward Young in 1935. However, it was redesigned in 1946 by Jan Tschichold. The brand was going for a mascot that appears authoritative and flippant simultaneously. The of a penguin managed to do the job.


Simon Oxley, a designer for Github, Bitly, iStock, and other respectable companies, collaborated with Twitter. The fact that this logo only cost the company $15 is among its most intriguing features. Larry the Bird is another name for the microblogging site’s mascot. It was said that the Boston Celtics inspired the name of the mountain bluebird.

The logo feels more contemporary and technological thanks to its flat design. It simultaneously improves the way it appears on digital devices and facilitates comprehension.


Nestle is a German word that means “the little nest. Its emblem features a family of birds perched atop one This brand name taken literally shows three young birds being fed by their mother. The drawing has been around since 1868. Its current redesign features smoother lines and fewer details.


Featuring six different colors, the NBC logo creates a silhouette of a peacock. This is one of the most colorful designs in the channel logos we see today. The meaning of the NBC logo is a reference to the channel’s color programming. In the old days, this channel logo even had 11 feathers with different colors.


The operating system is represented by Tux. None other than Linus Torvalds, the owner of the brand, chose this penguin character. The legend behind this is that Torvalds almost suffered a bird bite. The company’s current logo is a straightforward drawing of a penguin facing forward with its yellow flippers fully visible.


This retail brand’s seagull is represented by its shadow. This particular bird is known to represent sailors and dreamers. In order to create a cohesive design, the brand frequently places this icon above the brand name typography.

The Original Penguin

A manufacturer of military gear founded the clothing line in 1955. Its best products are shirts, footwear, and glasses. Furthermore, it’s claimed that modern golf shirts are modeled after the original Penguin shirts. The primary element of this company’s logo is text, with a tiny penguin drawing on the side.

American Airlines

Because of its shape and color, the American Airlines logo has a dynamic appearance. Slanted figures and gradients are used to give the impression that the design is moving. FutureBrand, a design company that has worked with companies like Nespresso and Fiji Airways, updated the current logo.


The swallow is featured in a vibrant coral icon that represents Apple’s visual identity. White in color, its silhouette is positioned in the left corner of the brand name. The logo is lively and lively at the same time, reminding us of Apple’s simple, uncluttered style.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

The visual identity of Air China, a Chinese air carrier, features an abstract drawing of a red Phoenix bird composed of three arched lines that form a U-shaped silhouette. The head is composed of a thin horizontal line with a smoother, bolder line above it, and the bottom line is curved to give the appearance of a tail.

The main element of the logo of the fast-food chain Nando’s, based in South Africa, is a rooster. The bird, rendered in black and red, is distinctive and fashionable, setting the brand apart from its rivals and providing an ideal depiction of the chain’s menu.

More popular bird logos below




Granny Goose


Turkish Airlines



Giorgio Armani


Toronto Blue Jays

Trip Advisor

White Owl

Baltimore Ravens



The aforementioned logos demonstrate how to incorporate birds into your design to make it memorable to your target audience. This illustration can also serve as the main focus of your logo.

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What brand has a little bird logo?

Nestle. Nestle started as an infant cereal brand. The image of a mother sparrow feeding its two little chicks seems not only appropriate for the initial brand offering but is also fitting for the present-day Nestle, a global food and beverages brand.

What famous clothing brand has a bird logo?

One of the most iconic logos with a bird is the badge of Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion label. The bird here is drawn in a minimalistic style, set in bold black horizontal lines against a white background, with the geometric contours of the wings.

What is the name of the bird logo?

After going through a few different iterations, the “Larry the Bird” logo was chosen, so named by co-founder Biz Stone after Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird. The version trademarked in 2010 would undergo a number of tweaks and modifications to become the more iconic Bird that Musk is now ditching.

Which brand is named after a bird?

Apart from Albatross for big and Peacock for flamboyance, there’re fashion brands with bird names like American Swan, Blue Bird, Black Swan, there’s the Phoenix Fashion Week (but I guess it’s more to do with the place than the bird). Hope this helps.