what is the death rite bird weak to

Death Rite Birds are a recurring boss in Elden Ring that only appear at night. They are a more powerful version of the deathbirds.

Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss (Academy Gate Town)

  • This is an optional boss
  • Closest Site of Grace: Gate Town North
  • Multiplayer is allowed for this boss
  • You cannot summon Spirit Ashes for this boss


The enormous, decaying Death Rite Birds are covered in ghost flames, have incrusted corpses all over their bodies, and have ghosts within their wings to protect them.

According to legend, the twinbird, an emissary of an external god, is the parent of all deathbirds. [1] They raked the pale remnants of the dead out of their kiln in order to tend the ghostflame[2]. As a result, they were known as “graveyard fire keepers”[3] and were quite active prior to the establishment of the Erdtree[4], despite the fact that some people believed them to be evil gods. [5].

Priests from the past were allowed to join the deathbirds and take on the role of their guardians through the ancient rite of death, which acts as a pledge to their future resurrection. [6] Inside their wings, these priests appear as spirit beings brandishing death ritual spears.

Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss (Caelid)

  • This is an optional boss
  • Closest Site of Grace: Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank
  • Multiplayer is allowed for this boss
  • You cannot summon Spirit Ashes for this boss


Similar to the Deathbirds’ melee attacks, but with ghostflame added

The initial stage of the fight resembles a typical Deathbird battle except that its melee attacks deal both physical and ghostflame damage, which somewhat reduces the effectiveness of shields even though blocking is still preferable to taking the damage directly.

Ghostflame Ignition, the exclusive ash of war of the Deaths Poker, is also used in Death Rite Birds.

Moveset List
Assortment of melee attacks
Melee attacks that inflict Frostbite status. Half physycal and half fire damage.

Many of this boss swipe attacks have it move backwards, meaning rolling towards it tends to result in getting hit. Some of its ghostflame attacks will leave a trail of fire that deals chip damage when stepped into.

A short screech that shortly inflicts Death Blight if close. Will follow up with a grab attack if the player is at mid-range.
When the player is at mid range (not close enough to melee but not extremely far away), the bird can try a grb attack that can be dodged. If not dodged, will inflict heavy damage.
Ghostflame Ignition
The bird will hit the ground with its poker, leaving a giant fireball in front of it.

Close Range: If the player is nearby, the bird will detonate the fireball, creating a huge blast in its close range.

Long Range: If the player is mid-to-long range, it will hit the ball to create a wall of ghostflame in the direction of the player.

Death Rite Bird getting ready to unleash its second Ghostflame Ignition blow.

When dropping to 50% HP it gains 3 new attacks:

Moveset List
Will screech and channel ghostflame orbs from its wings that will follow the player. Can do other attacks while the orbs follow the player.
Ritual Spear attack
Will fly away and reposition. The souls within its wings will launch a rain of spectral spears, hitting from above. Keep running to dodge.
Ghostflame Explosion
Inflicts Frostbite status.

His poker will light brightly with ghostflame and then stab it into the ground, followed by a large explosion that leaves a trail of black flame that deals continuous damage all across the arena.