how to make bird mask with paper plate

How to make paper plate masks for kids’ costumes. Great for Halloween, a costume making party, or pretend play!

Looking for an easy Halloween costume for your kids? Or maybe they just want to create a costume for pretend play.

These masks are so easy to make and can be customized to be whatever animal or creature each child wants!

Here’s a video showing Paper Plate Masks in action! And don’t forget to scroll down to get the step-by-step instructions.

How to Make Paper Plate Masks



  • Sketch your nose and eye holes first. Then, sketch your nose and eye holes on the paper plate. To give noses and mouths more flexibility, we decided to cut off the bottom halves of the paper plates, but if you’d rather, you can leave the paper plate as is. Note: If more than one child is creating paper plate masks, it might be simpler to trace the nose and eyes on one plate, then make the necessary adjustments on another. Here are some possible shapes for your paper plate masks.
  • Add extra details: You can use a glue gun or staples to attach paper plate ears, if they are needed for your costume. Same goes for a beak.
  • You can use any kind of paint, but tempera paint sticks work well because they dry quickly and create less mess. Paint and decorate your mask! Once the mask has been painted, decorate it with feathers, pompoms, glitter, sequins, yarn, pipe cleaners, paper, cotton balls, and other embellishments. For this, tacky glue and a glue gun both work well because they are sticky and dry relatively quickly.
  • Tie the elastic string through one hole, fit the mask over the head, and tie off the other end, cutting off any excess once the mask is complete.

I’ve promised you a free printable on How to Make Paper Plate Masks, so go ahead and try your hand at it. Click the link or to download the PDF or print.

Your kids will be creating these paper plate masks all year long because they are so simple to make!

Turn your parrot craft into a parrot mask by cutting out holes instead of using the template eyes. Give your child access to a tongue depressor or paint stir stick that they can hold up to their face.

This cute parrot craft can be made for fun or as a project fit for a pirate, jungle animal, or bird theme using a printable template and paper plate.


How can I make a paper mask?

Cardstock is going to be the best material to use for your paper mask, but you can also use heavy cardboard or even a sturdy paper plate. Choose any color you’d like and decide what shape you want. Draw the shape. You can make a mask to cover your eyes, half your face or the entire thing.