what is the black angry bird’s name

Bomb is one of the two deuteragonists of the Angry Birds franchise created by Rovio Entertainment. First introduced in 2009, the character is one of the original five birds in the Flock.


When it comes to smuggled birds and egg theft, most of the Flock are quick to become angry, but Bomb has the worst temper of all of them. Considering the fuse he uses, he frequently loses his “explosive” temper quickly (as shown in the Christmas comics and the Wreck the Halls animation). Also why he explodes. Because he doesn’t want to be stressed out by the Flock’s problems, Bomber has a tendency to be a loner and avoids them. (He might also be afraid of unintentionally blowing up everyone else.) Nevertheless, he is always available to assist in the event of an emergency. His power is the strongest out of all the birds.

Because he defends a minion pig who is being bullied in the MTV anti-bullying video, he is renowned for having a sense of justice.

Despite his belief that no one enjoys “new-age cooking,” he also seems to be a very intelligent bird and a skilled chef (as seen in the Angry Birds Christmas comics) He makes an attempt to manage his anger by reading self-help literature.


Before the events of the first Angry Birds game, not much is known about Bomb’s past. Neither is the story of how he came to possess the “mega shock wave” power, which allows him to burn anything in his immediate vicinity. When enraged, his top feather will begin to smoke. He will eventually turn red, then explode with anger.

Throughout the conflicts with the Birds, he has visited a wide range of places and habitats, such as beaches, caves beneath the earth, and the desert. The Flock frequently has to retrieve its eggs on holidays and other special occasions because the Pigs never stop stealing eggs. In one instance, Terence and Hal’s actions allowed the birds to be released after the Pigs had captured the entire Flock.

After an unknown amount of time, the Flock was taken prisoner as rare birds and transported to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they engaged in combat with Blu, Jewel, and their allies against Mauro and his group of marmosets, as well as Nigel the Cockatoo. Bomb and Matilda may have been captured later on or may have arrived in Rio after the others did. They may have arrived there in search of Red, Chuck, and the Blues (Jay, Jake, and Jim) but did not initially appear in Rio.

Apart from Rio, Bomb has visited China twice and Japan once, where he donned a karate gi.

Red and Bomb led the charge in pursuing the Pigs on skis through the snow during the Wreck the Halls adventure. Bomb was the one who ultimately tracked them down, found the Christmas presents, and demolished the Pig Fortress.

In a different adventure, Bomb and the Flock used a wormhole to travel into space, where they battled the Space King to recover their stolen eggs and acquired superpowers.

Although his belly and eyelids are a dark gray color, Bomb is a bird with nearly all black feathers. He has floating eyebrows that are red in color. Bomb’s head feather, which is short and resembles a fuse with a yellow tip, is possibly what makes him most identifiable. In the original Angry Birds content, Bomb also had a white dot on his head.

Bomb gets his name from his ability to detonate like a real bomb. This is what makes him most notable. This is made possible by the chemical compounds that his diet—typically fish—produces in his body. [1] These explosions occasionally have the power to completely demolish Pig City[14] and produce enormous mushroom clouds that are visible from a great distance. [7] Bomb always emerges from his devastating explosions with little to no scratches or wounds. Although the reason for this is still unknown, Professor Pig has theorized that because of his “pompous” body, which effectively transmits shockwaves, the objects within his blast radius are affected by the energy he releases in the form of explosions rather than him. However, he also said that magic could be a possibility. [1].

Bomb appears fearsome, but beneath his tough exterior lies a very kind and gentle, if slightly foolish, person. He is willing to put himself in danger or conflict in order to support his allies because he is a very real and sincere person. Bomb is devoted to and loves the other flock members, who put up with his erratic behavior. He also enjoys being a destructive element in fights and is an extremely passionate fighter.

Bomb was greatly altered for the 2011 Wreck the Halls short. His brows and belly patch are smaller, and his shape has changed to one of greater size. Furthermore, his beak has a distinct appearance and his fuse is more pointed and thinner. This design was not utilized again until 2013’s Angry Birds Toons, and it has remained the most popular ever since.

Bomb was given an anthropomorphic appearance in the Angry Birds movie. He is now much larger, twice as tall as Red. His head is joined to his spherical torso, which lacks a neck. Additionally, his eyes are significantly smaller and have cyan-colored pupils rather than black ones. He also received two tiny wings and two short feet. Future releases would periodically alternate between the Wreck the Halls animation’s design and this new one.


What is the angry bird but black?

Bomb, also known as the Black Bird, is one of two deuteragonists (alongside Chuck) of the Angry Birds series. He is a bird granted with the ability of exploding, and a member of the Angry Birds.

What is the name of Angry Birds?

Red Bird or Red J. Bird
Blue Birds or The Blues
Jay, Jake and Jim
Yellow Bird
Black Bird or Bomb Bird

What is Red’s real name in Angry Birds?

Red J. Bird, from the original Angry Birds. Red J. Bird, from Angry Birds Space as “Super Red”.

What is the black angry bird that explodes?

As his name suggests, Bomb has a special condition that causes him to unexpectedly detonate when he’s angry, excited, or scared. Though he tries to keep it under control, he has always found self-restraint just slightly out of reach. However, his explosive power has gotten him out of a pinch more than a few times.