what do you put under bird feeders

Bird feeders can attract the prettiest birds, but the problem is all the mess and weeds that you get from the bird seed! See how we made a birdseed catcher tray to keep the ground under our bird feeder weed and mess-free.

How can we plan for the ground we have underneath our current bird feeders such that bird seeds won’t grow?

We currently have bird feeders setup in our lawn. Finches, Morning Doves, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and certain squirrels are drawn to these feeders. They are operating efficiently, but a lot of feed ends up on the ground. Although the majority of it is consumed by squirrels,doves, and finches, some of the seed falls to the ground and eventually sprouts into new plant life.

Our goal is to be able to cover the ground in a way that prevents these plants from growing from dropped seeds. Ideally, a ground covering plant with the potential to have a barrier placed between it and the soil

  • Because birds fling the seeds out of the feeders, bird feeding seeds do not germinate on the ground.
  • Possessing plants that can survive being trampled by seeds and perched by birds
  • Low maintenance.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, we prefer to keep things more natural and employ few or no artificial barriers.

Given that we live in western Maryland, we require something that can withstand all four seasons.

We are completely open to yielding some of our requirements (except #1) within reason. We’ve even thought about installing a cement pad there, but that doesn’t really blend in with the natural vibe of the surrounding area. Our main queries are, “How can we go about planning it? Are there any tips from experiences that would help here?” rather than asking someone to design it for us. “.

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How to Make a Bird Seed Catcher Tray:

Materials needed

  • Big pans—water heater pans especially—perform best when they are larger. ).
  • Spray paint to match your ground cover
  • Shepherds hook/bird feeder holder
  • Drill
  • Bird feeders/seed

what do you put under bird feeders