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Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison but he cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer. Keene has to elicit a confession from Larry Hall to f… Read allJimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison but he cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer. Keene has to elicit a confession from Larry Hall to find the bodies of as many as eighteen women.Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison but he cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer. Keene has to elicit a confession from Larry Hall to find the bodies of as many as eighteen women.

Production edit

In April 2021, the series’ production got underway in New Orleans. [7].

Cast edit

No. Title Directed by Teleplay by Original release date [5]
1 “Pilot” Michaël R. Roskam Dennis Lehane July 8, 2022 ( )
In 1993, Wabash resident Larry Hall is brought in for questioning as a suspect in the murder of an underage girl. Local police describe him as a harmless serial confessor, but detective Brian Miller manages to coax out of him that he has dreams about murdering women. In 1996, charming drug and arms dealer James “Jimmy” Keene, is arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison without bail. Seven months into his sentence, he is approached by FBI agent Lauren McCauley and offered a deal for a clean start with lesser sentence and completely clean record: he will transfer into a facility for the criminally insane in Springfield, befriend Larry, and convince him to admit to killing fourteen women, having only been convicted of two murders, which he is trying to get overturned. Jimmy initially rejects the deal, but after his father James has a stroke caused by the stress of his sons incarceration, he starts studying Larrys case file in hopes of being the inmate selected to befriend him.
2 “We Are Coming, Father Abraham” Michaël R. Roskam Dennis Lehane July 8, 2022 ( )
Miller gets Larry to confess to a murder, but during the trial, Larry claims that Miller manipulated him and coaxed a false confession, leading to the case going to appellate court. McCauley convinces Jimmy to talk about his troubled childhood and advises him to tap into it when talking to Larry, confirming that he has been approved for the role. He almost backs out moments before he is transferred into the facility, but goes through with it and spends his first day looking for Larry, only to learn that they are in cells right across from each other. McCauley contacts Miller to inform him of her plan against Larry.
3 “Hand to Mouth” Michaël R. Roskam Riccardo DiLoreto & Sean K. Smith July 15, 2022 ( )
Jimmy struggles to converse with Larry until he beats up a man who changes the TV from a program Larry was watching, earning his respect. The two talk about sex, where Larry reveals that he does not care about the womans consent and alludes to having killed victims who threatened to report on him. At the same time, a guard realizes Jimmy is James son when he visits and threatens to expose his identity if he does not come up with $10,000. Jimmy asks James to retrieve a brick of cocaine from one of his houses, but learns that his friend Danny stole it. When McCauley visits Jimmy and offers to pull him out to save him from the guard, he refuses to leave, disturbed by his conversation with Larry and now determined to catch him.
4 “WhatsHerName” Jim McKay Teleplay by : Dennis LehaneStory by : Steve Harris & Dennis Lehane July 22, 2022 ( )
As a child, Larrys gravedigger father would take him to rob graves in the middle of the night, a habit he carried over into adulthood. In the present, Jimmy searches Larrys cell and discovers several disturbing drawings inside pornographic magazines. A violent prison riot sticks them together on cleanup duty, where Larry convinces Jimmy to tell him a story from his childhood, where he attempted to beat up his mothers abusive boyfriend because he believed that was what she wanted and failed miserably. Larry admits that he would subdue women with a rag soaked in starting fluid to get them to stop fighting back against him, and his brother visits to inform him that the police are anticipating his release.
5 “The Place I Lie” Joe Chappelle Dennis Lehane July 29, 2022 ( )
The guard cuts off Jimmys phone calls, preventing him from getting the money, and Jimmy notices the guard telling prisoners what his true “identity” is Terrified that he may soon be killed, he coaxes Larry into admitting he abducted, raped and murdered an underage girl. At the same time, Larry makes foreboding comments towards his therapist, which she summarizes as him trying to project Jimmys more confident attitude. McCauley and Miller search for the body of the girl Larry confessed to Jimmy that he murdered, and find that he gave the victims mountain bike to another underage girl he was attracted to.
6 “You Promised” Joe Chappelle Dennis Lehane August 5, 2022 ( )
While Larry draws a map of where all the bodies of his victims are buried, Jimmy snaps and reveals to him that he was sent to get him to confess, causing Larry to have a violent reaction. Larrys therapist has Jimmy put in solitary for upsetting him, where he is forced to try and recreate the map with his own blood after being denied a writing utensil. His FBI contact eventually realizes what is happening and that Jimmy has gotten new evidence to secure Larry Halls conviction and frees Jimmy, and Larry Hall is denied his appeal. Jimmy is freed and completely cleared and he meets Miller, who personally thanks him. Larrys brother, disturbed after talking to McCauley and Miller, urges his brother to confess to his crimes. Closing titles reveal that Larry confessed to fifteen murders but later recanted, James died of a heart attack five years after Jimmys release, and Jimmy went on to have a successful business career while still helping law enforcement profile serial killers.

Plot edit

Before being taken into custody as a part of Operation Snowplow, a larger sting, James “Jimmy” Keene had turned to a life of crime. Once a bright young football player, he turned down multiple college football scholarships in order to be near his successful business in the Chicago area. He agreed to a plea deal that he thought would last five years, and after four years, he was granted parole. However, as part of the conspiracy, he was found to have several illegal firearms, and as a result, he was sentenced to ten years without the possibility of parole.

Jimmy was presented by federal authorities with an opportunity for a fully commuted sentence with no conditions and a clean record due to his naturally charming and charismatic personality and gift for talking. This is the account of the risky transaction he accepted and what transpired after. [4].


What time do new episodes of Black Bird come out?

Black Bird debuts on Apple TV Plus on Friday (July 8) at 3 a.m ET, with its first two episodes released at the same time. The six-episode season will unfurl with one new episode on each of the following Fridays.

What day does Black Bird air?

The six-episode miniseries premiered on July 8, 2022, on Apple TV+.

Where can I watch Black Bird episode 6?

Watch Black Bird — Limited Series, Episode 6 with a subscription on Apple TV+.