is little bird a true story based on true story

Cast and crew members discuss the history of the Sixties Scoop and the true stories behind “Little Bird.”

And a man and his wife, white people, they were talking to my mom and dad.

And that man, finally, he said, “Would you like to come and live with us, little boy?”

– “Little Bird” is a miniseries about one womans experience after being abducted from her home in Saskatchewan and being adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal.

The story follows her journey of discovery to uncover the truth of her past about who she is.

– This role hits very close to home, because my dad being a member of the Sixties Scoop changed my entire life.

There was a level of compartmentalization that had to happen, where it was like, I need to separate my own personal experience and put that aside so that I can focus on the work and do the work because stories like this need to be told.

– With “Little Bird,” its one of those stories, the family unit thats been taken apart.

There are thousands of us taken across the country, theres still thousands that are out there in the world right now, lost.

– You have to think to yourself, Im saving these children from a life of poverty.

– When youre telling any Indigenous story, the process of authenticating all of the threads of the story is very complex.

You need a circle of advisors, and those advisors are essential to the authenticity and integrity of the story.

And then we brought in actual survivors of the Sixties Scoop to help us really shape the experience through the lens of being adopted.

– Your adoption file is sealed, but there is a note on your file that you have a sister, a Dora Mueller, who wishes to be contacted.

The thought to me that there was a genocide that wasnt known was just stunning and heartbreaking.

Im using my Jewishness in order to like, get the minutiae of being a part of a specific community.

– I dont know why you try so hard to fit in with these boring people.

Yes, we make stories for global audiences, (crowd cheering) but we really make these stories for our people.

– Im giving a voice to, you know, to my grandmothers story, and her sister, and many other people in my family that have gone through this.

Learn more about residential schools and their ongoing impact as explored in “Little Bird” and “Little Bird: Wanna Icipus Kupi (Coming Home).”

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At the age of five, Bezhig Little Bird is taken from her Long Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan, home and adopted into a Montréal Jewish family, where she grows up to become Esther Rosenblum. Now that she is in her 20s, Bezhig is desperate to find the family she lost and will stop at nothing to do so. Her quest takes her to the Canadian Prairies, a place completely different from her familiar surroundings. As she starts looking for her siblings, she solves the mystery surrounding her adoption and learns that the reason for her arrest was a racist government initiative that is now referred to as the “Sixties Scoop.” Bezhig’s sense of self is destroyed, and she is forced to consider her identity and her goals.

Nov. 2, 9 p.m., Love Is All Around: Bezhig Little Bird, her brother, and sister are taken from their mother by the police and placed for adoption. Eighteen years later, Bezhig—now known as Esther Rosenblum—doesn’t feel like she fits in her cozy life.

Little Bird: Coming Home, a 90-minute companion documentary, is currently available for streaming on Nine PBS Passport. It delves into the relationships between the groundbreaking movement for Indigenous narrative sovereignty and the effects of the child welfare system, as seen by the Indigenous creatives, crew, and Sixties Scoop advisors involved in the series.

Nov. 9, 9 p.m., The Land That Takes You: Patti Little Bird is eager to see her children again, but she has no idea where they have gone. Eighteen years later, Bezhig/Esther is desperate to find her family. Decades apart, both women are lost and entangled in the same location.

Nov. 9, 10 p.m., Burning Down the House: Esther locates family members who assist her in piecing together the past. After learning of the revelations that shed light on their lives and alter their perspective of the past, she goes back to Montreal to confront her adoptive mother.


Did the 60s scoop happen in the US?

The Sixties Scoop, also known as The Scoop, was a period in which a series of policies were enacted in Canada that enabled child welfare authorities to take, or “scoop up,” Indigenous children from their families and communities for placement in foster homes, from which they would be adopted by white families.

What is the story of the Little Bird?

– “Little Bird” is a miniseries about one woman’s experience after being abducted from her home in Saskatchewan and being adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal. The story follows her journey of discovery to uncover the truth of her past about who she is.

What is the documentary about Little Bird?

Coming Home, the compelling feature-length documentary by director Erica Daniels, takes viewers behind the scenes of the production of the much-anticipated dramatic series Little Bird and the groundbreaking movement for Indigenous narrative sovereignty as experienced through the series’ Indigenous creatives, crew and ‘ …