how to play angry birds on thin ice

Angry Birds: On Thin Ice is a game released in October 2011 by Mattel[citation needed]. It is the 2nd game in the series.


Two to four players are required to play the game. The goal is to reach 1,000 points in total before another player does. In order to accomplish this, one player must choose one mission card. The second player then has to put the structure together with the right amount of woodblocks, pigs, and bonus (yellow) items. The first player then uses the slingshot to launch Birds into the structure after finishing it. Similar to the game(s), each card’s bottom indicates the predetermined number of birds that are available. No points are earned if not every pig is eliminated by the time the final bird is used. Nevertheless, if the player is successful, they will receive points, with each card’s value displayed at the top. Simpler structures will give out fewer points, while harder structures will give out more.


  • Slingshot
  • Terence
  • Chuck
  • 1 Minion Pig
  • 1 Foreman Pig
  • 1 King Pig
  • 2 Bonus Helmets
  • 3 Long Ice Girders
  • 2 Short Ice Girders
  • 2 Ice Blocks
  • 3 Long Wood Girders
  • 2 Short Wood Girders
  • 1 TNT Box

There can be a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players in the Mattel Angry Birds On Thin Ice toy game. Regardless of gender, it is advised for kids five years old and older. Using a slingshot-based catapult, players must construct and destroy structures in order to bring down the opposing pigs. The game has a variety of plastic pieces, including pigs, wooden blocks, and the recognizable Angry Birds characters. Players alternately launch the birds from the slingshot, attempting to aim carefully and bring down the pigs and buildings. Physics is incorporated into the game, so in order to achieve successful hits, players must evaluate angles, trajectories, and momentum. There are several levels in the set, all of which get harder, giving players a fun challenge. Additionally, players can design their own structures, which gives the game more personalization and inventiveness. Playing the game Angry Birds On Thin Ice promotes social interaction since players can cooperate to defeat the pigs as a team or compete to get the highest score. The toy is built to last and resist play’s rigors because it is composed of sturdy materials. Depending on the precise arrangement of the structures and characters, its measurements normally vary from 20 to 30 centimeters. All things considered, kids can have a lot of fun playing Angry Birds On Thin Ice, which encourages social interaction, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking.

You can view the Mattel Angry Birds On Thin Ice manual here for free. This handbook is categorized as toys and has received ratings from 10 users, with an average of 7. 4. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Ask your question here if you need assistance or have any questions regarding the Mattel Angry Birds On Thin Ice game.


Is there any way to play the original Angry Birds?

If you owned Rovio Classics: Angry Birds before its delisting, you can still download and play. However, App Store users can still download it, where it sits at #1 in the Puzzle category.

Where can I play Angry Birds Reloaded?

The game was released exclusively for the Apple Arcade subscription service on June 15, 2021. It is inspired by the classic Angry Birds slingshot games, with new graphics as well as characters and settings from The Angry Birds Movie 2 and later Angry Birds Space.