how to make your own hanging bird bath

Our easy hanging bird bath couldn’t be simpler to make. As a bonus, it also doubles as a bug hotel providing lots of natural materials for insects to hibernate in.

All living things need water, and birds are no exception. Birds need a constant water source both for drinking and bathing to keep the feathers in top condition.

Providing a safe, clean, regular water source for the birds in your garden year-round will help attract more wild birds into your garden. One way to ensure that birds can drink and bathe away from predators is to provide a hanging water bath for them to use.

Upcycling a Glass Lid into a DIY Hanging Bird Bath

I went with a straightforward DIY hanging bird bath made out of a glass lid.

First, I cut a small section of medium-weight chain that was approximately 10-12” long. We used our Dremel tool to do it, but you could use bolt cutters or something similar to do so, as well.

I joined the short chain to create a kind of “bracelet.” I started out using a “s” hook but eventually switched them out for steel jewelry wire.

When used as a hanging bird bath, this circular chain would serve as the “cradle” in which the glass lid would rest.

We then cut four additional chain lengths that were precisely the same length. Next, we attached them to the chain circle’s four “sides.”

Once more, I joined the four lengths using galvanized steel wire.

I then placed the glass lid, upside-down, in the chain circle’s center.

I gathered the four long chains of the DIY hanging bird bath and gathered them on a quick link.

My hanging glass bird bath was suddenly ready to be used in the yard.

What you need to make a hanging bird bath

  • Hanging basket
  • A shallow dish that is 1-2 inches deep and fits inside the hanging basket of your choice We used a plant pot saucer for ours.
  • A selection of natural materials. We used moss, pine cones, sticks and dried leaves.
  • Two bamboo skewers to hold the dish in place

DIY Hanging Bird Bath

I slipped the quick link on a large carabiner (any spring loaded clamp/lock would work) to hang from the tree.

Then, I just added a bit of water. And there you have it—a low-maintenance, easily-cleanable, homemade hanging bird bath suitable for small birds.

Here’s a view of the hanging bird waterer from underneath. The glass lid is held in place by a metal chain, but it is easily removable for cleaning. works perfectly.

And the best bird bath for your feathered friends’ health is a clean one!

It’s also crucial to remember that I hung this beneath a large shade tree so that it wouldn’t receive direct sunlight. It could burn the ground if you hung it in the sun (magnifying glass effect).

Just a heads up if you want to make your own DIY hanging bird bath for your yard out of a glass lid.

If you’d prefer a standing bird bath instead of a hanging one, I paired up two items from a thrift store to make one for our yard.

In addition, if you liked my upcycling project for a hanging bird bath, you might like this suet feeder I constructed out of a coffee mug!


What makes a good homemade bird bath?

What birds really want from a birdbath is a wide, safe and shallow puddle with a rock or two for perching on. That way, they won’t get out of their depth, there’s plenty of space to flap about, and every chance to do it in the company of others, which is always safer.

How do you make a drip bird bath?

How to Make a Bird Bath Dripper. This project is satisfying yet so very simple: Carefully punch two pinholes in a clean, recycled plastic jug (one hole in the bottom for the water to drip, and the other near the top for air flow).

Do birds like hanging bird baths?

Many birds find the sight and sound of moving water irresistible. You can use a commercial dripper or sprayer, or make your own by recycling an old bucket or plastic container. Punch a tiny hole in the bottom, fill it with water, and hang it above the birdbath so the water drips into the bath.