how to make an apple bird feeder

We love feeding our feathered friends, and we think it is important to do it every season. Plus, birds are fun to learn about and watch. These homemade bird feeders make a great fall craft project for kids and adults. They are easy to make, and the birds go crazy over them! I think everyone loves working, cooking, and eating apples in autumn. I hope you get the chance to make these apple bird feeders too.

Tools to make it easier

  • Satsuma
  • Pencil
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Food/ freezer bag clip, to avoid having to tie knots

To easily make your own apple bird feeder, just follow these instructions.

Step 1: Take out the core of the apple

how to make an apple bird feeder

To begin, assemble the instruments required for this undertaking.

To remove the apple’s core, use a corer. If you don’t have a corer, you could cut a hole in the apple with a screwdriver. Then, use a small knife to make the hole bigger. Note that handling a knife is difficult and carries a risk of self-cutting. You may want help, particularly if you have limited dexterity.

If an apple proves to be too difficult to core, consider using a satsuma. Push a pencil through the middle to make the hole. Continue with the steps below using your satsuma.

Step 2: Make your hanger and perch

how to make an apple bird feeder

Tie your string around the middle of the first stick. Make sure you leave enough string to hang your feeder. Insert the stick through the opening you created in the apple. Once the stick is out the bottom, turn it sideways.

Push your second stick into the apple. It should insert itself sideways, close to the apple’s bottom (this one doesn’t go through the core hole). It will protrude slightly on either side, and the birds will perch there to eat. When completed, sticks one and two will form a cross.

If you find tying knots to be too tedious, you can substitute the first stick with a food or freezer bag clip. Put the clip on the string and insert it through the apple’s hole. If necessary, enlarge the apple’s hole slightly so that the clip can pass through. Once out the bottom, turn the clip sideways. This will keep the apple in place.

After that, you can use the second stick as a perch by inserting it through the bottom of your apple.

Step 3: Add sunflower seeds

how to make an apple bird feeder

As many sunflower seeds as you like should be pressed into the apple’s outer rind. You are free to adorn them with faces or names of people!

To make the seed go in more easily, push its pointed end in first.

Since pumpkin seeds are a little bigger and simpler to handle than sunflower seeds, you could use them in place of the former.

Now that your apple feeder is prepared for hanging, it couldn’t be easier!

Step 4: Hang your feeder outside

how to make an apple bird feeder

Locate a sturdy branch from a tree or shrub in your yard, or a spot to hang from on your balcony. Tie the feeder to it using the string.

Birds like to feel safe when feeding. Seek out a branch that is comfortably within arm’s reach but somewhat elevated above the ground. You could assemble multiple apple feeders and arrange them in various spots throughout the garden. This will help you discover where is popular with birds.

Once more, to avoid tedious knots, create a large hanging loop at the top of the string using a food or freezer bag clip.

Finding a cozy place to sit and watch the birds fly in for a meal is all that’s left to do!

After your birds have eaten, add any leftover apple to the food waste. If you have a compost pile, you can also use it for that.

Since birds always appreciate having more food, you can always make another apple feeder when the current one runs out. An alternative homemade feeder that you might want to try is our recycled bottle bird feeder. Discover which they like best!.

It can occasionally take some time for birds to find new food sources. Please be patient and don’t panic if you don’t see birds right away!

Apple Birdseed Homemade Bird Feeders

One of the best ways to feed backyard birds is to make homemade wild bird feeders and to feed birds. It’s also fantastic if you enjoy observing birds and are searching for an enjoyable method to teach your children about the local birds.

If you have a place or bird feeding station that birds love to visit, learning about birds may be made easier. To view our collection of DIY bird feeders and birdseed ornaments, click this link.

These DIY apple birdfeeders are not only a cute and enjoyable project to do with your children this fall, but they also have a lot of advantages.

Here are five reasons to include this easy craft in your fall lesson plans and kid-friendly activities:

  • This year, having a birdfeeder in the yard gives your family—adults included—a special chance to see birds up close. My kids enjoy watching the birds from the sunroom windows throughout the day. This allows them to observe nature up close while also giving them the opportunity to identify the various birds that visit the feeder. Moreover, it’s a fantastic method to attract more birds to your yard than they otherwise would. There will be more birds for you to enjoy if there is food.
  • This winter, mom birds can feed their young with the help of these simple-to-make birdfeeders. These mother birds will need to spend less time leaving the nest in search of consistent food sources if you provide them with an abundance of food. This fall and winter, the birds in your yard will be well-fed thanks to these tiny apple birdfeeders.
  • By adding these birdfeeders to your yard, you can attract more birds and hear their song more frequently. This fall, your kids can color and draw the birds they see visiting their little apple feeders and enjoy the variety of bird songs that can be heard in the yard. Who knows, they may even learn a few bird calls.
  • Providing food to birds aids in providing them with the energy required for migration. Having birdfeeders out helps the stragglers get energy for the long journey ahead, but birds will migrate regardless of whether you feed them. A memorable way to teach kids about migration is to watch the birds as they come and go.
  • These apple birdseed feeders will offer a much-needed food source for the non-migrating birds during the cooler months when food grows more limited.

Although it may seem unlikely, your little apple feeders can actually have a significant impact. This autumn is a great time to teach your children that everything in nature is interconnected. Everything counts, and we are all dependent on one another to maintain the balance. This fall, we can preserve nature’s balance and safeguard it by providing food for the birds.

This fall, you can teach your children more about birds with this bird-themed unit study, which is ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It has a ton of entertaining educational printables and activities for your kids to explore and learn in the Montessori and Charlotte Mason styles.

Check out this list of over 50 different DIY birdfeeders that you can make with your kids to keep the birds well-fed this year if you’d like to make even more.

In the comments section below, please share any backyard bird stories you may have, so that we can all learn more about these amazing creatures. What kinds of birds have you seen in your backyard? Can you identify them?

how to make an apple bird feeder

Using one of these simple bird feeders, you can attract birds to your yard. Making your own bird feeders with the family is a wonderful way to teach them about nature. Adding in apples for fall is an extra bonus.

The picture below shows what you’ll need to make your own Apple Homemade Bird Feeders. But I’ve got it set up to print at the bottom of the page in a list form. Enjoy!.

Bird Seed Bird Feeders

First, Bring Water to a boil, add gelatin, and stir until completely dissolved. Next, Mix the birdseed into this mixture.

how to make an apple bird feeder

Using a spoon or knife, cut the apples in half lengthwise and remove the center core. Once the core is removed, stuff each apple with a mixture of birdseed, arrange your apple bird treats on a sheet pan, and refrigerate for one to two hours, or until solid.

Each apple should have a screw inserted into the top, and a piece of twine tied to it

For the enjoyment of all the birds, hang your apple bird feeders outdoors on a tree or fence!

This is a great gift for your feather friends. These will attract all of your backyard birds. Bluejays, chickadees, titmouse, cardinals, nuthatches, mockingbirds, etc. Engage the children in the process of creating these; they can create them as gifts for grandparents, nature education, girl or boy scout projects, or simply because they enjoy birds.

For an amazing learning experience, incorporate this into your Apple Activities or Apple Theme for Kindergarten and Preschool.

how to make an apple bird feeder



1. Bring Water to a boil, add gelatin, and stir until completely dissolved.

2. Mix the birdseed into this mixture.

3. Using a spoon or knife, cut the apples in half lengthwise and remove the insides.

4. Place each apple on a sheet pan, fill with the birdseed mixture, and refrigerate for one to two hours, or until the apples are firm.

5. Each apple should have a screw inserted into the top, and a piece of twine tied to it

6. Hang outside for all the birds to enjoy!


Can you put apples in a bird feeder?

You could simply use a fat ball feeder to hold the apples. Slice them in half before placing them in the feeder.

How do you make a fruit bird feeder?

Feed birds fruit leftovers Your child can use your old fruit, or leftover pieces from a family meal, to attract fruit-eating birds: Use a clothes hanger to create a simple hook. Carefully place leftover fruit on the hook. Stand back and watch the birds enjoy your leftovers.