how to make a hanging bird table

If your old bird table is on its last legs, you could go out and buy a new one. Or you could have a go at making one yourself. Building your own bird table can be as straightforward or as complex as you want to make it.

In this article, we take you through the options you need to consider before you start work on making a bird table. The materials and tools you will need. We give you plans and instructions for making a simple table, and resources for more elaborate options.

Step 2 – Put it all together

The image above shows you how to assemble the feeder. I fastened the tray and roof to the central timber post using two screws on either side. I then made it nice and easy to hang by adding a screwed hook to the top.

Hanging the feeder, adding bird seed, and watching for your feathered guests to arrive are the only tasks remaining!

Step 1 – Collect your materials

You may already have everything you need for this easy project in your kitchen and garden cabinets! I made the seed tray out of a plastic party bowl and the roof out of a slightly larger plastic party tray. Sadly, I didn’t have any party trays in the cabinet, so I paid £1 for a pack of three rectangular plastic trays and ten square plastic bowls from Poundland. I also used a length (150mm) of 50mm x 50mm timber I had saved from a previous project, and that was plenty to make three bird feeders and still have plenty of bowls left over for ice cream to celebrate finishing the project!

How Will Your Table Be Supported?

Thus, while the classic bird table is supported by a wooden pole, that isn’t your only choice, and it’s also not the easiest option to do yourself.

You could go for a hanging table. This merely involves replacing the post with a rope or chain that is threaded beneath the roof.

how to make a hanging bird table

Alternatively, you could use a bracket to mount your bird table on a wall or fence. This is probably the simplest option of all to make.

how to make a hanging bird table


How do you make a hanging bird feed?

Homemade Birdfeeders #2- Aluminum Pie Pans String the rope in the same way as the bowl feeder, fill with food and hang. Many cookie sheets already have a hole in the ends for hanging. String cookie sheets by these holes then place another rope under the pan and tie into the tree. Fill with bird seed.

What kind of wood do you use for a bird table?

Importantly, you want to use wood that will not split or disintegrate when it gets wet, so exterior quality plywood around 0.5 to 1 cm thick, is perfect. To create enough space for a number of birds to feed at any one time and to avoid shyer species of birds being kept away, a base of around 30cmx50cm is about right.

How do you anchor a bird table?

Gardman Bird Table Anchoring Pegs are supplied as a pack of 4x powder coated steel pegs. You can use them to secure your bird tables in soil and grass. They’re really simple to use, by pushing into the ground over each bird table leg.

How do you make a hanging bird bath?

To make a hanging bird bath, simply repurpose a hanging planter by placing an upside-down planter saucer on the top. Hang the bird bath from a sturdy branch. Then, add stones, glass beads or rocks and a couple inches of water.