how to make a bird balloon animal

Balloon Swan

  • 1 Puff up a balloon, leaving a 4 in (10 cm) tail behind. Although you can use any color for your swan, balloon sculptures of white or black make eye-catching swans. Tie your balloon off to keep it inflated. [8] .
  • 2 Bend the balloon into a paper clip spiral shape. To position the knotted end in the middle of the “paper clip” shape, roll the balloon inside out. Keep the tail end jutting out from the paper clip. Then, pinch the middle to hold the balloon together. [9] .
  • 3 Twist the middle of the balloon together. Hold the paperclip’s top, bottom, and knot in the center with your three fingers as you grasp the folded balloon in the middle. Make sure to catch the knot in the twist as you twist the three parts together. Hold the twist to make sure it doesnt come undone. Now that you have two loops, the center twist is jutting out into a long neck. [10] .
  • 4 Tuck 1 loop into the other. Close one of the loops with your free hand and force it up through the other. This forms the swan’s body, with the outer loop representing the swan’s underbelly and the tucked-in loop resembling folded wings. Additionally, tucking in the loop prevents the structure from unraveling. [11] .
  • 5 Pinch the long portion to create the head. With your hand, transfer some of the air into the deflated portion of the tail while holding the neck a few inches from the tail. As a result, the top of the neck will curve to fit the contour of the head. The remaining uninflated tail forms the swans beak. [12] If you’d like, add eyes to your swan using a marker.
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If you want to make a balloon dog, inflate a #260 balloon and leave a 3 inch tail. After tying off the balloon, twist it three times so that the middle two sections are the same size, the first segment is slightly shorter, and the last segment is the longest. To create the head, twist the second and third sections together three times. A few inches below the head, add another twist for the neck, and then add two more twists for the front legs below the neck. Twist the front legs together, then the back legs and tail by repeating the same motion. Continue reading for more balloon animal advice, such as how to create a balloon swan or even a balloon monkey!

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  • Question: How do I tie a balloon? Community Answer: First, wrap it around both of your fingers. Next, swoop it in between them. Finally, pull your fingers out to tie a knot.
  • Community Answer: To make a balloon ring, simply tie the two ends together and wrap it around your finger. If its too big, use a smaller balloon.
  • Community Answer: To make a balloon sword, inflate the balloon until it is completely inflated, then straighten the remaining portion of the balloon. To help lock the knot, create a handle by giving it a simple twist. To make the hand guard, repeat the dog ear/leg pattern twice. Gently move the two “ears” so that their faces are perpendicular to the handle and they are opposite each other. If you make the handle too large for your hand to fit on and the hand guards too small, you will have something more akin to a knife.
  • Keep balloons sealed in a container to prevent deterioration due to air exposure of the latex. Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 0 .
  • Put on gloves before tying or twisting balloons. Wearing gloves is optional, but it reduces the balloon’s squeaky sounds. Also, it will be less likely that you will accidently pop the balloon with jewelry or your nails by doing this.
  • Try finding strong balloons. Some of the inexpensive ones from the dollar store could pop or break easily.
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What is the hardest balloon animal to make?

The balloon giraffe is considered one of the most challenging balloon animals to make because it requires a lot of twisting, shaping, and manipulating of the balloon to achieve the long neck and legs. The Balloon Giraffe is a complex and elaborate balloon sculpture that resembles a giraffe.

What is a bird balloon?

Eye Spot Balloons and Terror Eyes are bird scaring balloons (scare eye balloons) with large colorful eyes that are designed to replicate the threat of a live predator bird. These durable bird scaring balloons are made of weatherproof PVC material for season long performance.

How do you make balloon animals without popping them?

Blow up and tie a balloon, leaving a 3 inch tail at the end. You need to leave this bit at the end un-inflated – just like with your dog, this means that as you make your twists, the air you force out will have somewhere to go. This is how you stop the balloon from popping as you work.