how to stain a concrete bird bath

Creating a Durable and Attractive Concrete Fountain with DecoGel Stain

This project demonstrates how to build a concrete fountain with melamine form and CSA/Rapidset concrete. For the water feature, a copper pipe was used, and Direct Colors’ DecoGel was used for staining. Choosing the rich Coffee Brown color resulted in a darker tone than the mix would have otherwise provided, creating a visually appealing contrast. Application advice includes testing on the fountain’s back to determine preferred color and using a smooth roller for a uniform finish.

laying the groundwork: utilizing copper piping to incorporate the water feature and melamine to construct the cast for our concrete fountain

The beginning of our fountain: a recently cast, stain-ready concrete feature that highlights the unadulterated beauty of the CSA/Rapidset mix

Changes in progress: Shortly after applying our selected Coffee Brown DecoGel stain, the concrete fountain starts to show off its new personality.

The completed concrete fountain, gleaming in the deep Coffee Brown DecoGel stain and shielded by Hardener and Penetrating Sealer, is the result of our labor of love. A true testimony to careful planning and meticulous execution.

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Phillip Cooper: We’re talking about coloring and sealing concrete bird baths and water fountains today. So, let’s dive right in.

PC: Our DIY concrete décor customers frequently contact us with questions. A woman asked us just last week what color her concrete water fountain should be. Shawna, could you provide some insights on this?.

Shawna Turner: Water fountains are indeed a popular project. I frequently receive calls from clients who want to improve concrete water fountains and bird baths that they bought from neighborhood hardware stores. However, because water is always flowing over these items, they need extra attention. Selecting a colorant that can color the concrete and reach its pores is essential. After coloring the concrete, it must be sealed to keep out the elements.

how to stain a concrete bird bath

I typically use our DecoGelTM Acid Stain or EverStainTM Acid Stain for these kinds of projects. The latter is an acid stain that has gelled and works especially well on vertical surfaces. I’ll elaborate more on that shortly.

We provide ten distinct acid stain colors that are easily applied with a foam brush or sprayed on. However, keep in mind that you should avoid dripping the acid stain onto surfaces like bird baths as this could lead to ugly lines on your project. When applying the liquid acid stain, be sure to quickly clean up any drips that may occur.

how to stain a concrete bird bath

Furthermore, we have DecoGelTM, a gelled acid stain that comes in nine different colors. Because of its consistency, which is similar to oil paint, it works well for filling in voids in concrete projects, adding darker accents, or creating multicolored designs. For instance, I worked on a concrete planter that had patterns of leaves and grapes on it. I applied a single DecoGelTM color to the leaves and a different one to the grapes. The results were striking, but to preserve the color differences, the product must be applied and removed carefully.

how to stain a concrete bird bath

PC: We are aware that selecting a sealer for a bird bath or water fountain can be difficult, especially since the concrete is frequently wet. What would you recommend as the best option?.

ST: Usually, I recommend our website’s Penetrating Lithium Hardener/Sealer. It works especially well for any area of a water fountain and the basin portion of bird baths. The primary benefit is that this sealer penetrates, leaving no residue on the surface. Instead, it penetrates the concrete pores.

You might wonder why it matters. Although surface sealers are excellent for floors, driveways, and patios, they are less appropriate for submerged concrete. Wouldn’t a surface sealant work just fine? Water may eventually seep beneath the surface sealer, discoloring the concrete and possibly causing it to separate from it. You want to avoid this.

Our once-vibrant three-tier fountain is beginning to show signs of serious weathering even though it is protected from the severe Ohio winters.

On the other hand, the Lithium Penetrating Sealer blocks water from entering the concrete pores and destroying your piece. Additionally, it has several other benefits. For example, it fortifies the concrete, increasing its resistance to possible weather-related damage during the winter. Thus, freeze-thaw cycles will no longer result in the degradation of your concrete.

how to stain a concrete bird bath

Another benefit is that this sealer only needs to be applied once. You’re not expected to reapply it every other year. Just one application seals your piece for its entire lifespan. It also has a good coverage area. You would only need a quart of sealer for an ordinary water fountain, which is a very reasonable purchase. However, do note that this sealer leaves a matte finish. When the water is turned off, the dry surface may seem a little boring. So, consider this factor when making your decision.

The Coffee Brown EverStain Acid Stain and Penetrating Sealer, Hardener, gave our restored fountain a new lease on life.

PC: Well done, and I’m sure these recommendations will be very beneficial to those who have projects involving fountains and birdbaths planned.

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My concrete birdbath got stains on the bottom that are the colors of rust and black after a few months. It wont wash out. I assume that whatever is on the bottom isn’t good for the birds, and I know the rust is probably from our hose. Is there anything I could put in it to get rid of the stains and prevent them? Am I right?.


Can I stain my concrete bird bath?

We offer ten different acid stain colors that can be sprayed on or applied with a foam brush with ease. But remember, while spraying the acid stain onto a bird bath or similar surfaces, it’s important to avoid drips that could result in unsightly lines on your project.

What paint can you use on a concrete bird bath?

Any exterior latex paint should be safe for birds. First, clean and prep the birdbath by removing all dirt and debris, then rinse with water. It’s important that the concrete is completely dry before you prime and paint it.

What can I use to seal a concrete bird bath?

If you are not looking to change the look or appearance of the birdbath or fountain, a penetrating concrete sealer is going to be an excellent choice. The Siloxa-Tek 8510 is the deepest penetrating, highest performing and longest lasting penetrating concrete sealer.