how to keep birds off satellite dish

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how to keep birds off satellite dish

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Other Methods For Limiting Bird Mess/ Droppings From Aerials

One thing that happens frequently is that a TV aerial is placed directly above an entrance, a path, or a parked car. This is usually done on a wall. They take up residence on the antenna itself and sabotage everywhere you don’t want them to. The following can be used to limit this.


How do I stop birds from perching on my satellite dish?

Nothing is quite as annoying as being part way through a program and having birds land on your aerial or Sky dish and cause the reception to go. A good way to keep birds off your TV aerial is to use the TV Aerial Bird Spike Kit, or for both aerials and dishes Transparent Bird Gel is very effective.

Can you put bird spikes on a satellite dish?

The tube of fixing silicone can be used to stick the pigeon deterrent spikes directly onto the aerial or satellite dish. It can also be used in conjunction with aerial clips or cable ties to ensure a super-secure fit.

How do I keep birds off my TV?

The Bird Repeller for TV Aerials “Eolo” is a spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent birds from landing on TV aerials. It avoids unsightly messes and stains caused by bird feces.

Do bird spikes affect TV reception?

This product will NOT interfere with your television reception. Simply attach the strips of spike to the aerial affected using the supplied aerial ties. 2 x ties are required per strip of spike.