how to keep birds from under hood

Deterrents to Keep Birds From Building Nests in Your Retractable Awning

Discourage birds from making a nest as one method of keeping them at bay. It is hoped that they will just move on and find a new location elsewhere if they encounter resistance to making a comfortable home. Though there are many alternatives available, these are some of the most popular deterrents.

  • Choose a cassette-style awning. When it comes to retractable awnings, birds usually build their nests on the square mounting bar that is located behind the fabric roller tube on models where the bar is visible. If you’re thinking about getting a new awning, the Performance Traditional 150 or the SummerSpace cassette style are made to ensure that there isn’t anywhere for a nest to grow.
  • Bird spikes. A humane method to stop birds from building a nest is to use acrylic clear bird spikes if you already have an awning and a bird problem. Install them on your home’s protected flat areas and along the top of the awning’s square mount bar. Since these spikes are not sharp, the birds are not harmed by them. They just prevent birds from landing.
  • PVC tube along the square bar. Once more, if you have an awning and a bird problem, you can usually take up the space that the birds need to nest by inserting a 1 ½” diameter plastic plumbing drainpipe along the length of the square bar. The pipe can be painted to match the awning frame or the house and is available at any big box or neighborhood hardware store.
  • Fake predators. Placing a statue of the birds’ natural predators will make them too afraid to approach, much like a scarecrow. These predator statues might include owls or snakes. The bobble head versions work better than the static ones. For added deterrence, you can occasionally reposition it. You can find these statues at local garden centers.
  • Use your awning often. This method of keeping birds away is simple and effective. Make it a point to open it every day when birds are nesting during those times of the year, to prevent them from assuming it’s unutilized and to encourage them to use it as a potential nesting site.

The European starling is known to carry a respiratory disease that humans can catch, so be very careful after handling their belongings! Wash well or you may get sick. Starlings are obnoxious birds that are not even native to this area and take food from local species. For the reasons already mentioned, killing any starlings you catch would not be immoral or incorrect if you can handle it (these two reasons are only the tip of the iceberg for these invading pests) Some state conservation departments allow starlings and English Sparrows to be taken without a cap or closed season.

Place something there in their place if they consistently seem to find the same cozy spot. Something you can take out when you drive it. Find a box, basket, chair, cinder block, stuffed animal (scare crow!), open or closed hood, you get the idea. Invade THEIR space.

I have a 1994 F-350 crew cab pickup. Recently, I relocated to a new area in Eastern Oregon, and with it, the starlings began building nests beneath my car. Pack rats were a problem when I lived there before. They would hide under the hood. However, I now have to worry about the starlings in the engine laying their eggs. When I was not using the car, I was able to keep the pack rats out by leaving the hood up, but this doesn’t seem to work with the starlings. Any suggestions?.


How do I keep birds from nesting under my car hood?

Cover your car – If you are going to leave your car parked stationary for a long period of time, consider covering it up. If you do that, birds cannot make their way under your hood to build a nest.

How do I keep birds from nesting under my canopy?

Deploy Bird Roosting Spikes They can be easily installed on the edges and surfaces of the awning, creating an inhospitable environment for birds. Bird roosting spikes are an effective solution for preventing birds from damaging your awning and leaving bird droppings that can be unsightly and unhygienic.

How do I keep birds out of my truck grill?

I usually put an unwrapped bar of soap on top of what I’m trying to stop birds nesting on. The scent of the soap keeps birds away, and it’s a cheap solution.