how to keep birds off outdoor speakers

The sound of chirping birds is a telltale sign of summer days. It’s the background to family barbecues, late night bonfires, all day pool parties, and early morning coffees in the garden. While the singing contributes to sunny memories, the summer nostalgia can quickly wear off if birds are taking over your space. Waking up to morning chirping and constantly cleaning up bird droppings can change your feelings about these feathered friends.

To keep your home clean and quiet, we recommend trying some of these simple tricks to answer how to keep birds away from deck areas or patios.

How to Keep Birds Off Deck Areas Using Decor

When preparing your patio or deck for the summer, consider including bird deterrent décor. These accessories can add charm to your background while deterring birds. Some decor items to try include:

  • Wind chimes. You and your guests will enjoy listening to the lovely sound during the summer breeze. However, birds wouldn’t agree. Wind chimes’ sound and motion will frighten birds away from your porch, patio, or deck.
  • Reflective items. Because they are attracted to bright, reflective colors, birds tend to stay away from areas that have them. Utilize this to your advantage by adding small mirrors, reflective flash tape, or other reflective décor pieces.
  • Statues or decoys. One simple way to deter smaller birds from entering your yard is to place a statue of a hawk, swan, or other large predator bird there.

When you add things to your yard, like decoys, make sure to rotate them. It will be pointless to rotate your plastic predator or use other strategies to keep birds from learning your tricks.

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How to Keep Birds Off Deck Areas by Blocking Resources

The presence of resources like food, water, and shelter may be the reason why birds are congregating in your yard. It’s crucial to think about whether you’re giving these resources knowingly or unknowingly.

Move bird feeders and birdhouses if you notice an excessive number of birds near your deck after you put them out. If you are offering resources that aren’t meant for birds, either birdproof or block these resources. Some suggestions include:

  • Move birdbaths and feeders. It should come as no surprise that birds will congregate near sources of food and water. Move these items to a different area of your property so that your deck remains a bird-free zone.
  • Cover and seal food sources. Cover any outdoor food sources in your yard, such as barn feed, to keep birds away. Sealed, plastic containers come in size dimensions that exclude birds. Keep the area cleaned up after feed spills to deter hungry birds from congregating there.
  • Block nesting spaces. Nesting birds find perfect real estate in the gaps and openings in walls, ceiling rafters, gutters, and other small, confined areas. Bird nesting materials can be used to block off rafters and other perching areas. Copper scouring pads can be used to fill in small gaps in your wall or other areas; they will remain in place and not rust or splinter.


What is the best thing to keep birds away?

Most theories suggest that birds fear their own reflection and avoid landing on or near areas that contain a lot of shiny or reflective light. The shine that bounces off aluminium, old CDs, and reflective tape prevents birds from landing nearby.

What scares birds away from garden?

You can use garden spinners and scare tape, items specifically made for this purpose, or you can also repurpose a variety of household items for a more DIY approach. You can hang up old CDs, pie tins, shiny ribbons of aluminum foil, reflective tape, mylar balloons, pinwheels, and party streamers to get the job done.