how to get two birds one arrow advancement

The Piercing enchantment, or the Piercing in short, is an enchantment that can be found on bows when Anvil crafting. The Piercing enchantment has the ability to allow an arrow shot by a crossbow to pass through multiple entities, whether it be both mobs and players, allowing for increased damage to several more targets.

It is acquired by placing a book in the enchantment table and then putting an eye of ender, a feather, and a crossbow in the crafting menu. It has a default level of 15. This enchantment is especially useful for all bows, including the ender bow as it means that every block between the shooter and his target can be hit with an arrow without missing.

This makes it a good option when fighting in areas where there are skeletons, creepers or spiders as these mobs tend to move around the player. There is no advantage to enchanting a bow and armor with Piercing instead of Infinity, as it will do nothing different from what Infinity does.

The word piercing comes from the ability to literally pierce through enemies when they are shot by using a bow or bow-and-arrow. Knowing which bow to use with this enchantment is important.


Requirements: Have a diamond in your inventory.

Get a diamond in your inventory to get this advancement.

First of all, you must find diamond ore. Although diamond ores are extremely rare, you can eventually find one by branch mining deep within the earth or by exploring extremely low-level caves. Below level 15, diamond ore is typically generated between levels -50 and -64. Using your iron pickaxe, mine it and gather the diamond that falls.

Parent of: Cover Me With Diamonds | Enchanter


Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot

Requirements: Kill five distinct mobs with a single shot using a crossbow enchanted with Piercing IV.

You must use a crossbow enchanted with Piercing IV, which permits arrows to hit five different mobs in one shot, to kill five different mobs in order to finish this advancement.

You have to first set up a 4 x 4 area and then surround it with fences. This area is where the mobs will be trapped in. You also need to use passive mobs, like sheep or cows, for this method. This size should be adequate to contain all five mobs inside without any problems, given the nature of these mobs. It is a good idea to enlarge the fence area a little bit if you are using horses, llamas, or any other passive mob that is larger than a pig, cow, or the other normal-sized mobs.

Now prepare all the food for the mobs, including food for breeding and feeding them, and use it to entice them toward the trapping area. Leads are also a good option. After trapping all five passive mobs in a single 4×4 area, you must get ready by making a Poison II splash potion. By throwing this at the mobs, you can finish them off with a crossbow shot because they will only be down to one health point instead of dying. Maybe bring a bucket of milk in case you accidentally poison yourself.

Once the effects of the poison wear off, you should position them so that a crossbow shot will kill all five of them. It is advised to use the animals’ breeding food to entice them closer together. It is also a good idea to hold different kinds of breeding food in both hands, as this will draw more animals to you (e.g., holding a carrot in your off-hand and holding wheat in your main hand will draw sheep, pigs, and cows). As soon as the mobs are drawn in by your food, swiftly switch to your crossbow shot and shoot it at the optimal angle to kill them all at once. Because mobs with smaller hitboxes are more difficult to hit, it is advised to target them first. Mobs with larger hitboxes, such as cows or horses, should be targeted last. Should you shoot the arrow and they all perish, you ought to receive credit for the advancement.

This advancement is hidden, so the player must finish the advancement before they can see it.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 85 experience.

Is It a Bird?[]

Look at a parrot through a spyglass

Requirements: Use a spyglass while aiming at a parrot.

This advancement is relatively straightforward. You must obtain a spyglass that is made from one amethyst shard and two copper ingots. Finding a parrot is also necessary, as they are unique to biomes with jungles. You can advance once you click on the parrot to enlarge it.

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