how to get the twitter bird emoji

Can I download this emoji for free?

Sure, this emoji is available for free download and is open sourced. We also don’t require you to register with Iconduck, but if you’d like to receive notifications when new icons become available, you can subscribe to our mailing list.

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The “Twitter” emoji is available as an open source project and is covered by the CC BY 4 license. 0 license. Its a colored emoji. Additionally, it is a defined emoji, making it a component of the open standard for emojis. It can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats, with PNG sizes of 256, 512, 1024, and 2048 available. It is a component of the 7,105-emoji “OpenMoji Emoji Set” emoji collection. This emoji is included in the following styles: Color If you require this emoji in another format, downloading it as an SVG file and importing it into programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Pablo, or Visme should be fairly simple. It should also be fairly easy to convert it to an ICO, JPEG, or WebP format or file type (we hope to add that feature to Iconduck soon)

You can use this emoji for both personal and

Although this image can be used as an icon or like any other clipart graphic, it is technically an emoji.

It was published to Iconduck on: 31 December, 2020

Some use-cases for this emoji include:

  • Using in a logo
  • Using in a Photoshop design
  • Adding to a Facebook , post or banner
  • Using on a Zoom background
  • Featuring in an ad/advertisement or promotion
  • Pinning to a Pinterest photo or

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

how to get the twitter bird emoji

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. You are free to use this emoji for personal projects like designs, websites, presentations, and other things.


How do you get the bird icon on Twitter?

On Android, you can use the app ‘X Icon Changer’ and as on iOS, you need the old Twitter image. Open the app of ‘X Icon’ and choose the app that you want to change, X, in this case. Change the name and choose the new image, the blue bird, and you’re done! You have now changed the Twitter logo on your mobile phone.

How do you use the bird emoji on Twitter?

Inserting this character displays a silhouette of Twitter’s bird logo. Typing [CHIRPBIRDICON] also displays this logo within text on the Twitter website, without using a distinct PUA code point.

How do you get the Twitter emoji?

On mobile, tap the “Tweet” or “Edit Profile” icon on X. Open the emoji keyboard and tap an emoji. Tap “Tweet” or “Save”. On desktop, click “Tweet” and then choose the smiling face icon to open the emojis.

Can you still use the Twitter bird logo?

Using the Twitter bird logo as your product’s logo or icon without proper authorization may infringe on Twitter’s trademark rights and can potentially lead to legal issues. Twitter, like many companies, has strict guidelines on the use of its brand assets, including logos and trademarks.