how to get to laughing bird caye

Snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye – Including Lunch on the Island

Come explore the incredible marine life of Belize!

You won’t be let down by anything, from regal coral reefs to inquisitive clownfish. After reaching Laughing Bird Caye, our island paradise that is part of the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site, a national park,

Before donning your snorkel gear and embarking on an hour-long journey through subaquatic realms, learn everything there is to know about this aquatic wonderland, including its unique rules and regulations. Your guide will point out various species as you go.

After enjoying a mouthwatering lunch of authentic Belizean cuisine, stroll around for a bit before returning for an additional hour. Don’t forget to pack snacks for energy!

Half-day excursions also offered at this location.

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Eleven miles (18 kilometers) off the coast of Placencia is Laughing Bird Caye. Go on a day trip with a certified tour guide departing from Placencia It will take 30 minutes to an hour for the boat ride, depending on the weather. Find more information on the park’s website. To contribute to the preservation of the Belize Barrier Reef for the enjoyment of future generations, please review our responsible visitation guidelines prior to your visit.

For those looking for a fully immersive experience, the undeveloped nature of the caye enhances the beauty and experience even though there is no built infrastructure there. Although overnight stays are not permitted, a day trip is sufficient to enjoy the serene beauty of the island. After a revitalizing day at the beach, have a picnic beneath the coconut palms. The best part is that you can come back the next day for more of the same.

“Great snorkeling at this spot. It’s amazing that park rangers live here because of how remote it is. They also have coral nurseries, and there is a bird sanctuary on a portion of the island. The rangers were really kind and welcoming, and they gave some excellent information about the reefs. “You can bring out drinks and food to grill and hang out for as long as you want,” Laughing Bird Caye visitor Eric Love comments on Google.

The island’s location on an old faro reef shelf formation adds to the variety and abundance of marine life as well as the richness of coral habitats. Laughing Bird Caye is a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise because of its rich environment, protected status, and no-take zones, which have allowed resident fish populations to flourish. Conch, Spiny Lobster, snapper, and other animals are also plentiful.


Is Laughing Bird Caye better than Silk Caye?

Laughing Bird Caye vs Silk Caye; There is a lot more marine life to see during your snorkeling tour at Laughing Bird Caye. If a close encounter is what you are looking for then the Silk Caye is the place you want to snorkel. It offers a 90% chance of swimming with sea turtles, rays, and at times a Nurse shark or two.

Where is Laughing Bird Caye National Park?

Laughing Bird Caye is an island off the coast of Placencia, Belize. On 21 December 1991, Laughing Bird Caye National Park was declared. It is spread over an area of 1.8 acres (0.73 ha). The island is named after a population of laughing gulls which previously bred there.