how to get rid of birds behind shutters

Nuisance birds can damage your house in addition to creating a big mess. In houses with stone exteriors and mounted shutters, it is not uncommon to witness birds building their nests behind the shutters. The nesting debris hangs around the windows surrounded by droppings. Droppings will corrode and damage your home’s exterior components if they are allowed to remain. Furthermore, the smells emanating from their nests are strong as the outside temperature rises.

Hearing birds in the morning can be soothing, but they can also be too close for comfort. Your sleep patterns may be disturbed by their persistent chirping if they are nested behind your shutters. Birds behind shutters can also harm your house and put you at risk for illness.

Certain popular exclusion techniques, like bird spikes, may not be aesthetically pleasing when employed by other wildlife technicians. We devised a workable solution that, when completed, has a seamless appearance. We create custom-bent, color-matched aluminum during the exclusion process to match the shape of the shutters that already exist. In the end, the aluminum sealing offers a durable fix while complementing the appearance of your house.

First we must determine what species of bird it is. All of the common nuisance birds in Northern Virginia can be identified by our team of bird control specialists in the area. English House Sparrows are the most frequent birds to use shutters as nesting locations, followed by European Starlings. These birds are tiny; they can squeeze in between shutters and houses. The birds will start building their nests once they are behind your house’s shutters. This can cause multiple problems. Their feces and bird nest debris streaming down your windows and house can be incredibly unsightly. It’s also known that bird poop contains more than 50 pathogens and diseases. The birds behind the shutters can cause a health risk. Additionally, certain bird species will defend their nest by diving down to try to frighten you away.

Our pest control specialist for bird removal will identify the species of bird and its nesting stage after conducting an inspection. This will determine our next steps. As a pest control company that removes birds, we mandate that all of our technicians receive training and certification in bird removal in Northern Virginia. We will start the bird removal process if we find that it is not a protected species and can be removed.

expert bird removalWhere do birds like to nest on a house? There are many places including birds nesting in vents, birds nesting in attics and one of the most common places, birds nesting behind shutters. Especially birds nest behind shutters on stone faced houses. We specialize in all forms of bird removal and bird control, especially birds living in shutters.

First, we’ll scare the birds away by removing their nest from behind the shutters. It might be decided by our bird removal specialists that taking down the shutters is essential. Do not worry we can re-install them. After that, we’ll tidy and sanitize the area around the bird’s nest and shutter. This will help mitigate and safely remove the birds’ nest. It will be time to keep the birds out once they have been removed and the area has been thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the bird species and the region of the nation, this is done in a different way. Our Virginia bird control and removal specialist will typically keep the birds out of the area by adding a bird-proof material behind the shutters to keep them out. Additionally, to discourage birds from the area, we might put up visual bird deterrents.


How do you get rid of bird nests in windows?

Carefully inspect the nest to make sure it is empty of eggs and birds. Spray the nest with an antibacterial spray. Once dry, remove the nest and dispose of it in a securely sealed container or exterior trash bag. Dispose of it in the trash away from the home.

How do you keep birds out of siding?

By physically blocking out birds from your siding, Lightweight Plastic Bird Netting denies woodpeckers access to it. Bird netting comes in several mesh sizes. For woodpeckers, get 3/4-inch mesh netting. You can also get bird netting in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior.

How do I get rid of birds hanging around my house?

1 Remove the bird’s food and water sources. 2 Fill in openings with mesh wire and sealant. 3 Leave some decoy predators around your home. 4 Hang shiny objects from nearby trees and overhangs.

How do you get rid of birds that keep coming back?

The easiest way to remove nuisance birds is to eliminate or block the resources your yard offers. Water features: If you have a water feature, birds like geese will likely find it. Drain or cover the feature to keep birds out. Food that birds eat: Avoid plants that grow berries or cover them with fine metal netting.