how to get bird feathers in grounded

This is everything you need to know if youre looking into how to find the Crow Feather locations in Grounded. As they give an important resource, theyre something worth paying attention to as early as you can.

As well as going over the locations you can find these Crow Feathers in, we go over what you should know about them, what theyre used for and why they are so valuable.

Obsidian Entertainment’s tiny survival simulation Grounded just got its first significant update. Patch 0. 2. 0 offers a plethora of new features for Grounded’s tiny players to investigate, such as a Perk system, brand-new structures, and a fluffy new NPC.

The bird, which occasionally flutters across the garden and appears to be a crow, doesn’t hurt the players. However, this does not imply that it is only an aesthetic addition; in fact, some extremely sophisticated equipment can be made from the crow’s feathers. During its travels, the crow drops these feathers, but in order for players to find one, they must either be extremely fortunate or vigilant.

Often, the feather will snag on the top of a grass blade and need to be removed with some work. Once it’s within reach, you’ll need a Level 2 Insect Ax to break it up into small pieces. A ladybug head, three bombardier parts, and four spider silk can be used to create this. The crow feather can be reduced by the ax into Crow Feather Pieces, which can be utilized to discover and create new recipes.

To actually spot a feather fall, players will need to be keeping a close eye on the crow when it takes off. The feather will drop from the crows tail, and flutter to the ground. This gives players a chance to work out where itll land, and head in that direction. Often this means covering quite a bit of territory, so make sure to keep an eye out for other threats along the way.

The birdbath, one of the mystery machine’s lasers, the fence, and the picnic table are the most likely locations to see the crow. Even though the picnic table to the west and the fence to the east are not within the playable area, the crow may still fly from them to a point that is within reach. Climbing the branches at the birdbath allows you to get fairly close to the crow, but there is currently no way to communicate with it.

How to Farm Crow Feathers

You must use an axe of at least level two to strike a crow feather once you’ve located one. This will split it into Crow Feather Pieces, which you can then craft with and add to your inventory. There is nothing you can do with the dropped feathers unless you have the axe.

Crow Feather Locations in Grounded

Crow Feather locations in Grounded are semi-random. Although they consistently show up in some places, they don’t always The Crow is a large, non-hostile creature that spawns and flies to specific locations at random intervals. Feathers are dropped below the perching area or along the flight path. As of this writing, there is no way to make it land in a specific location or to make it drop feathers at specific times or locations. All that players need to do is keep an eye out for falling feathers in the Crow’s path when it appears.

Crow Feathers are often found at these locations. Check these areas for the best chance if you’ve seen the Crow overhead but haven’t noticed any feathers beneath where it lands.

  • Around the Laser Tripods that point at the Mysterious Machine.
  • North-West of the Rake and South-West of Jabby Cola.
  • In the map’s southwest corner, at the southernmost point of the rake
  • Around the flower pot, on the Koi Pond’s southern bank


How often does the crow drop a feather Grounded?

Large Feathers drop a large amount of Crow Feather Pieces, but their drop chance is fairly random, depending on when the Crow lands, leaves and where it flies to and from. The smaller feathers are guaranteed to drop when the Crow lands, but will only drop one Crow Feather Piece every time.

How do you get crow feather pieces?

Crow Feather Pieces are a resource obtained from gathering Crow Feathers dropped by the large Crow that soars above the Backyard. Crow Feather Pieces are used in many base structures and archery-based items.