how to get angry birds without ads

Angry Birds Classic brings the original 2009 game back to the App Store but with a new engine and no ads or in-app purchases whatsoever.

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If your device is rooted, install Adaway. It will remove ads basically everywhere.

Ads won’t appear if you use airplane mode or turn off your mobile data.

Use the LostNet Firewall Pro app to prevent angry birds from accessing the internet. You can find it on Google Play. .

You could use the app Lucky Patcher to remove ads from apps.

Although it works on non-rooted devices as well, many of its features are limited to devices with root access.

After installing it, you can patch an application to get rid of Google Ads and then reinstall the patched version (uninstall and install). If you see “License verification found,” however, you’ll also need to patch the APK that has been altered to remove ads in order to get rid of license verification.

(I am not associated with this app in any way, aside from using it and creating a few custom patches for it.)

(Google Play Protect will block Lucky Patcher and call it malware. It can be safe to dismiss (More options > Install anyways (unsafe)) if you downloaded it from the official site.)

You can use pihole. It will help block the ads on th DNS level. You can either get a raspberry Pi or install it on any computer. Link :

I choose to uninstall it since I dislike difficult workarounds like turning off the internet or rooting the device.

Rovio brings back 2012 with Angry Birds Classic

Sincerely, when was the last time you spent money on an in-game purchase or were bothered by advertisements while playing a good game?

Playing Angry Birds Classic transports you back to a time before the concept of premium games existed. Angry Birds Classic, a new game from Finish developer Rovio available on the App Store, revives the original game with physics-based mechanics and fun slingshot gameplay along with a few extra features.

The game includes every one of the eight 2012 original Angry Birds episodes, for a total of over 390 levels. Angry Birds Classic features every character from the original game—yes, you can even summon the Mighty Eagle, a once-paid upgrade that is now free to use—and three stars on every level to go egg-hunting like it was back in the good old days.

A premium download for the retro price of 99 cents

The original Angry Birds game, which Rovio removed from the App Store in 2019 because it was too outdated to be updated for the newest devices, is the basis for Angry Birds Classic. As previously stated—and this is fantastic news—there is no infamous in-app purchase or in-game advertising in the remastered version.

If you were around for the Angry Birds craze, you will be aware that this was the standard business model for mobile games. Back then, only free and paid games could be downloaded; there were no freemium ones. Thus, it makes sense that downloading Angry Birds Classic costs 99 cents (that’s the price of a latte and all that jazz, remember?). Therefore, you will need to buy this new version of Angry Birds even if you already own the 2012 version.


How do I get rid of ads on Angry Birds Friends?

Did you know that by purchasing any Bird Coin bundle, you will disable in-game ads?

Is there a paid version of Angry Birds?

A paid recreation of the game’s content from 2012 was released as Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on March 31, 2022, but later on, Rovio mentioned that they were removing it from the Google Play Store on February 23, 2023, and retitling it as Red’s First Flight on the iOS App Store.

Can you still download original Angry Birds?

The classic version of the game is being delisted from the Google Play store but will continue to be available on the App Store, with a new name. First released in 2009, Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon, with over four billion downloads worldwide.

Can you get Angry Birds for free?

Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play. Although Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are optional in-app purchases available. While our game is free to download and play, some game items can also be purchased for real money and the game may include loot boxes or other game mechanics with random rewards.