how to clean bird rope perches

Our little Parrotlet, Niko loves to poop on his perches for some reason (don’t ask how), so we’re having to clean them quite often.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with chucking them in the washing machine, we did happen to come across a few more ways you could safely clean rope perches and toys.

One interesting method is using the dishwasher. Simply wipe off any large debris, pop the perches into the dishwasher (without soap), and use the heavy wash cycle with the Sani-Rinse option for a thorough cleaning. Hot water does wonders in killing bacteria, and there’s no need to worry about toxic soap residue left behind.

How to clean rope perches FAQ

Cleaning your bird’s rope toys and perches should be done at least once a month, or more frequently if they’re extremely filthy.

The (Laundry) Washing Machine

Probs the most common, as mentioned earlier. Make sure to run the wash cycle, add some towels for padding, and use an old pillowcase or mesh sweater bag to contain the perch. Easy-peasy!.

A power washer can be a good choice for people who have outdoor space. Move the entire cage outside and give everything, including the perches, a thorough power wash. Good for those with multiple birds or larger cages.

Hope this helps you to keep your bird perches clean. If any of these work for you or if you think I’ve missed something, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!.

Prior to the dishwasher I used the washing machine. WARNING: Only use a top load washing machine. Or you might wind up like this dejected bird owner with a broken washing machine:

I start by talking about the dishwasher because it’s my new go-to method for cleaning the perches. After giving the perches a quick wipe down to remove any large debris, I place them in the dishwasher. I use the heavy wash or the pots and pans cycle on my dishwasher, which has two settings: Hot Temp for using extremely hot water during the wash cycle and Sani-Rinse for thoroughly rinsing with hot water. I use just hot water without adding any soap. I’m quite worried about any harmful soap residues that may remain, even though I know that hot water kills bacteria. However, I’ve included some options at the end of this post if you insist on using a disinfectant of some kind.

Here are some suggestions if you want to give any of the previously mentioned options a little more soap power:

The most labor-intensive method of cleaning your perch is to soak it in a tub or bucket and then scrub it with a wire brush or any other brush with hard bristles.


How do you clean bird ropes?

some people wash rope perches in their dishwasher. the pedi perch wash in the same solution, rinsed and air dried. just a quick hint: vet wrap around the rope perch will help to keep it cleaner and when it’s dirty unwrap throw it away and re wrap.

What do you clean bird perches with?

A high-quality liquid dish soap is also useful for cleaning cages, bowls, and perches.

Can you clean bird perches with vinegar?

It is important to know what cleaners are safe to use around birds, as some chemicals can be toxic. If you have any doubts, it is best to use natural alternatives such as vinegar or baking soda.

Are rope perches safe for birds?

Rope perches must be monitored carefully. They can become tattered when birds chew on them, causing rope strands or fibers to get entangled around a birds’ toes or can be easily swallowed. When in this condition, rope perches should be removed and replaced.