how much to install bird spikes

The Strongest Stainless Steel Bird Spikes on the Market with Lifetime Warranty.

A humane and easy-to-install bird control tool is the Bird Guard stainless steel bird spike strips. They provide an affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance remedy for obtrusive pigeon and bird roosting issues.

Our exclusive bird control strips are quickly installed in areas where birds roost frequently, and they are made of sturdy 20 gauge stainless steel. Bird Guards sharp tipped spikes are 2. When applied, the product is fully extended to be 75″ long, which effectively discourages birds from roosting.

Bird Guard is available in five foot increments. Unlike plastic bird spikes and liquid and gel bird repellents, our stainless steel bird spike strips require no maintenance and never need to be reapplied. Bird Guard is an annual or year-round installation that remains as effective as the day it was put in place. Low-profile design that blends in with architecture, endorsed as a harmless tool by humane and avian societies, and proven successful in thousands of installations worldwide Bird Guard stainless steel bird spike strips are an appealing option for bird control that will ease your wallet, address ethical and humane concerns, and provide peace of mind because of these cost, health, safety, and efficiency factors.

  • 20 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Sold in 5-foot increments
  • Base width: 1-1/2 inches
  • Length of extended spikes: 2-3/4 inches
  • Width of protected area: 4-inches
  • 5 staggered spikes in each cluster
  • Installed with long lasting adhesives
  • Each segment can be trimmed to length with tin snips
  • One person job
  • Use on any surface whether:
    • vertical
    • horizontal
    • angled
    • sloping
  • Prevent birds from perching
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Never needs re-application
  • Will not harm birds
  • Cost effective, efficient
  • Long lasting
Item No. Total Length (in 5-ft. sections) Price Sale Price
BGSS-25 25-feet $103.13 $85.00
BGSS-50 50-feet $202.40 $167.50
BGSS-75 75-feet $299.20 $245.50
BGSS-100 100-feet $396.00 $315.00
BGSS-250 250-feet $857.60 $767.50
BG-AC Adhesive Cartridge $10.78 $8.63
Call 1-800-331-2973 for special pricing on 1,000 ft. or more!

What Makes Bird Spikes So Effective?

Because anti-bird spikes are permanent and require no maintenance, they are incredibly effective at deterring birds. Our spikes’ dulled tips serve as a deterrent to birds trying to land where they are attached. Bird spikes, despite popular belief, do not cause harm to birds; rather, their humane design prevents them from landing in desired areas.

Note: It is not advised to use bird repellent spikes in areas where birds have been building nests.

Manufacturer Warranties for Our Bird Spikes

Manufacturer warranties are available for all of Bird B Gone’s bird deterrent spikes, including our gutter, girder, stainless steel, and plastic spikes. Our ability to maintain quality control over the bird spikes product assembled at our US manufacturing location is what distinguishes Bird B Gone from our competitors. Our spikes are constructed with high-quality materials such as U. V. For increased durability in challenging conditions, use weather-resistant stainless steel and stabilized plastic.

  • 5-year warranty for plastic
  • 10-year warranty for stainless steel