how to call a bird to you

Introduction: Bird Call Hands

how to call a bird to you

How to make the bird call sound with your hands


  • Question: Can you call a bird with just your mouth? Hayden Hansen Community Answer: Birds only pay attention to the whistles of their own kind. Yes, you can if you can figure out how to blow the whistle.
  • Goat Community Answer: It doesn’t matter that I’m nine years old; you can still succeed. You can accomplish anything if you put in your best effort and have two hands.
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  • Make sure your hands don’t have any openings that allow air to escape if you’re having trouble bird whistling. To achieve a better seal, try adjusting your hands and relaxing your fingers. [14] Thanks Helpful 4 Not Helpful 3 .
  • Keep your hands steady while exhaling. Any jostling movements can stop the bird whistle from sounding. So, make sure to only move your fingers. To gain a sense of the necessary motion, you can begin by simply moving your fingertips. Once you are more comfortable, you can then lift more fully. Thanks Helpful 14 Not Helpful 7 .
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Step 6: Pucker Your Lips & Inhale

how to call a bird to you

  • Even though you breathe from your chest when playing most instruments, you will actually blow more effectively here if you breathe from your throat (i.e., get a lot of air in your throat, but not in your lungs). Basically, do a breath that gets your shoulders to move).
  • Again, if you play a woodwind instrument, you are encouraged not to do this. Hold the breath in puckered lips. However, this technique works better here.
  • Do not inhale with your hands already at your lips


How do you make a bird call?

The backs of your hands should be facing you, and should roughly resemble the shape of a bird with outstretched wings. Press your lips to your thumbs and blow against the blade of grass. If done correctly, you should hear a high-pitched whistle or squeaking sound.

Is it possible to call birds?

Songs are powerful forms of communication for birds and any one of us with a Bird call app can easily push a button and entice a bird in to come closer. I’ve seen people do this over and over again in an effort to see a particular bird or to get a shot.