how to build a plexiglass bird cage

Introduction: Plexiglass Bird Cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

It is easy to construct, attractive, and reasonably priced birdcage that anyone can do. Making the plexiglass bends is the most difficult part, but I could sell them to anyone who is interested. I used Lowe’s 1/8 x 3 x 48 wood planks. Heres a parts list.

– 16 of 1/8 x 3 wood planks

– 16 3/4″ screw/nuts

– roll of 1/2″ wire cage

– a 5/8″ dowel and decorative knob

– box of staples and stapler gun

-Tyvek sheets (which I can also sell, or envelopes from the USPS stuck together)

– set of small hinges

– 4 of 1/8″ x 1. 5″ and 4 of 1/2″ x 1. 5″ wood.

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One of the most widely used materials for bird cages nowadays is plexiglass. Plexiglass is the material of choice for most people when it comes to bird cages because it’s strong, fashionable, and easier to work with. Beyond the construction of bird cages, plexiglass finds application in several other fields. But even that shouldn’t persuade you to purchase a plexiglass bird cage before you’ve fully considered the advantages and disadvantages of using the enclosure for your birds’ shelter, interior decoration, or other purposes.

Step 1: Make the Cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

how to build a plexiglass bird cage

To fasten the wood and plexiglass together, all you have to do is drill two holes in them, clamp them together, and then drill through the wood using nuts and bolts. My recommendation would be to use two pieces of plexiglass to attach to one piece of wood, then attach the other side, and finally attach the two sides using the remaining two pieces of wood. This will make the cage more square.

The fun part is cutting the wire down to size. To keep the wire in place on the plexiglass, I made folds in it and stapled the other sides to the wood.

I used zip tie hinges to create the opening for the food and water, and I purchased a piece of driftwood from Michael’s Craft Store.

I attached hinges to a picture frame-style box and used tyvek as the cage’s floor. Use the thicker 1/2″ wood for the hinge and dowel side and the 1/8″ strip of wood to staple the tyvek to in order to construct the frame. I drilled a hole for the dowel using a 5/8″ hole drill bit. Simply remove the dowel to make cleaning up the floor simple.


Is plexiglass safe for birds?

Acrylic itself is safe for birds, not only is it too hard for them to chip, or scrape or break but it is also inert, – if they were to ingest some it would pass through their system unaltered. There are no chemical residues on the cage or in the seams.

How do you attach plexiglass to a bird cage?

Install Plexiglass “Walls” In addition to screwing small pieces of plexiglass to the sides of the top of the cage, I also took big sheets of plexiglass and secured them to the cage bars with stainless steel hooks. Now, when my birds are eating or making a mess, no seeds can spew out of the side of the cage.