how to attract birds to water feeder

How to Attract Birds to Bird Bath DIY

A bird bath is a great way to naturally draw more wildlife into your garden and improve the aesthetics of your outdoor area. We’ve put together this list of 10 tips to help you learn how to draw birds to your bird bath, but it will take some time before you can expect your new feathered friends!

1. Where to Place a Bird Bath

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To effectively attract birds to your bird bath, placement is crucial. It’s crucial to choose a location that birds can see clearly from above as well as from their perch in the trees. Strive for the perfect equilibrium by placing your bird bath where birds will be able to see it but where it will remain hidden from possible predators.

4. Shallow Water is Key

Massarelli’s Old Sap Concrete Bird Bath features a two Perfect for the majority of adult bird species, this 5″ deep water bowl Bonus: Birds will appreciate its tree-trunk-like appearance when ordered in a brown or bronze stain!

It is evident that birds prefer shallow water, usually between one and two inches deep. For the majority of songbirds, this depth is ideal because it allows them to bathe and drink without worrying about drowning. Even though most birds can swim well, small species, very young birds, and birds that are hurt or weaken while in the water are more likely to drown. It’s a good idea to alter your deeper bird bath to make it more bird-friendly.

Fountainful Tip: Cover a deep bird bath with a layer of tidy pebbles or small stones to make it feel more inviting. This lessens the depth of the water and gives smaller birds stable footing, which makes it safer and easier for them to enjoy the bath. Including natural elements in your bird bath will draw birds and improve its aesthetic appeal.