how to adjust rain bird t40 sprinkler heads

In this article we will discuss the basics on how to adjust a Rain Bird Rotor, so your lawn will be happy and you’ll avoid wasting water.

Proper lawn maintenance requires a sprinkler system in tip-top condition. And a primary component of sprinkler system maintenance is keeping your rotors adjusted. Your rotors should be delivering head-to-head coverage. And also minimize the amount of water hitting sidewalks, streets or other hard surfaces.

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  • A flat-bladed screwdriver
  • A filter screen
  • A new sprinkler nozzle

Arc Adjustments for Rain Bird Rotors

how to adjust rain bird t40 sprinkler heads


  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/4/41/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-4. jpg/v4-460px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-4. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/4/41/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-4. jpg/aid9381863-v4-728px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-4. jpg”,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Creative Commons</a> </p> </p></div>”} 1 If your sprinkler head is adjustable, twist it to the left or right. If your Rain Bird sprinkler model (18/15/12 AP series) has an adjustable head, you can twist the collar with your fingers. It can be adjusted from 0-360 degrees. The threaded collar can be moved to the left to increase the spray pattern. Slide the threaded collar to the right in order to reduce the spray pattern. [4] While the sprinkler is running, modify the spray pattern to decide how much of an increase or decrease you want. You can water a specific section of your lawn or apply water only to a specific spot in your yard by adjusting the spray pattern.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/5/5f/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-5. jpg/v4-460px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-5. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/5/5f/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-5. jpg/aid9381863-v4-728px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-5. If you own the Rain Bird 2SA, 42SA, 52SA Series, find the adjustable tab. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Creative Commons</a> </p> </p></div>”} 2 The top of the head on these models features an adjustable tab for the spray pattern. The tab will have a plus and minus symbol. Additionally, a screw will be located in the middle of the plus and minus symbol.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/4/49/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-6. jpg/v4-460px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-6. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/4/49/Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-6. jpg/aid9381863-v4-728px-Adjust-Rainbird-Sprinklers-Step-6. Use a screwdriver to adjust the arc adjustable tab. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Creative Commons</a> </p> </p></div>”} 3 Take a flat-headed screwdriver. Position it over the screw located atop the head. Then, to increase the spray pattern, twist the screw in the direction of the plus symbol, or clockwise. Turn the screw counterclockwise, or towards the minus symbol, to reduce the spray pattern. [6] .
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How do you adjust the range on a Rain Bird sprinkler head?

Adjust the spray distance With the water on or off, you can adjust the distance of throw. Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, turn the radius reduction screw to decrease the spray distance up to 25%. NOTE: Do not back out the reduction screw so far that it does not sit in front of nozzle while watering.

Do you need a special tool to adjust Rainbird sprinkler heads?

If you just need to adjust the spray, all you’ll need is one of the Rainbird adjustment tools. These tools look like small flat-head screwdrivers, except the screwdriver ends in kind of a cross at the end. This tool will allow you to easily pull the head up and then use the flathead to make all of your adjustments.