how to add birds to a picture


It is now necessary to obscure the background and only display the birds against the transparency.

There are lots of ways to do this and I show you other ways in other tutorials, but here is the best way for this type of .

In the Layer’s panel. where it says Normal, click and choose Darken from the menu. This changes to Darken blending mode, which hides white.

If your sky is white, it will now be invisible.

If it’s gray, do this to make the sky transparent.

Press Ctrl/Cmd+L for Levels.

To remove the bright pixels (sky), move the white triangle to the left.

Click ok, its that easy!

With the move tool, (v). You can drag out copies of the birds if you wish to by holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial. Its always fun to do these types of tutorials. If you want more, I have hundreds of free tutorials over at PhotoshopCAFE

See you at the CAFE

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Colin Smith Published Apr 27, 2022

How to use Photoshop to add birds to a picture and make the background transparent without making selections Add life to your landscape photos easily.

Choose File>open to open both s in Photoshop)

Here is an of birds in the sky.

Choose the Rectangular marquee tool.

Drag a selection around the birds you want to use.

Choose the move tool (v).

Move the birds by dragging their selection up to the other tab. When the opens, let go of the mouse in the new window.

The video in the link above shows this step (how to combine s in Photoshop)

Your chosen birds will show up in the updated document.

I intentionally selected a more challenging to work with; typically, your sky will be either blue, white, or gray.

On a Mac, press Ctrl Shift U or Cmd Shift U if the sky is colored.

This will remove the color from the selected layer.

As you can see, I’ve chosen the Thinker Theme. To find that, I searched for “Flock of Birds,” so that’s what I did. I got both on Pixabay. com. We can proceed if you can obtain anything remotely comparable. Thus, my current goal is to curate a collection centered around the birds I wish to include in my

I’ll demonstrate in this video how to use Adobe Photoshop to add birds to your pictures. Including birds in your photographs can be an enjoyable and intriguing endeavor, as it provides a small amount of additional subject matter. Sleeklens makes it simple to accomplish that by offering overlays of birds. They take images of birds and remove the individual birds, giving you a little more freedom and personalization when adding the birds. So let’s get going and demonstrate how to accomplish this.

I’ll start by opening the Photoshop file (I have the option of choosing between Photoshop and JPEG). Next, I’ll pick out the three distinct birds, click, drag, and hold them over to include them in my picture. You can see that they are a little bit large in my photo. To fix this, I will highlight them and use Command/Ctrl-T to perform a free transform. This will only require me to resize them and apply them to the area as instructed in the tutorial.

I chose a bird overlay from the Autumn Pumpkin Graze Collection, and as you can see, they have chosen three birds. Turning them on will reveal some of the real birds from the picture, but they have been cropped out so that you only have the three e that you will be using.

The only thing I will do, out of personal preference, is apply a photo filter, which greatly aids in the birds’ seamless blending in the image. I’m going to select the Adjustment. I will select one that is warming up and reduce it to about 15 percent. After that, we can group them and examine the before and after. The former appeared decent but a little boring, but with the addition of some birds and color pop, the after picture has a little bit more interest.


How do you photograph backyard birds?

When a bird perches for you try to make sure the focus point is on the bird’s head or eye. The image will look much better if the eye is sharp and well-focused. Also take into consideration the pose and head angle of the bird, it’s best if the head is parallel to the camera or angled slightly toward you.

What time of year is best for bird photography?

Birds can be beautiful photography subjects year-round, though often photographers focus on the bright breeding colors and charming nesting behavior of spring and summer.

Why do people take pictures of birds?

Birders typically are interested in hearing and seeing birds, getting as good a look as possible, and moving on down the trail to look for the next bird. Bird photographers, by contrast, typically want to capture a definitive photograph of an individual bird as a representative of its species.