how much is a scarlet macaw bird cost

Owning a Scarlet Macaw is not cheap. These species are a large bird that has red, yellow, and blue colors. Because of their size, they are high maintenance, therefore incurring more expenses.

So, how much does it cost to own a Scarlet Macaw? Not including the price of your new bird, you can expect to pay between $200–$850+ in setup costs and then $20–$800+ per month. Keep reading as we break down all the estimated costs and expenses to guide you on how much you are likely to spend on these colorful birds.

These birds are indigenous to the rainforest areas of South and Central America and like to live in humid environments at elevations of 1,000 to 3,000 feet. In the wild, Scarlet Macaws thrive in the canopy and topmost layers of the trees.

Their distinctively vivid colors and rarity have made these birds high in demand, making them more expensive than most birds. They are also very hardy and can live up to 75 years in captivity. Scarlet Macaws are highly intelligent and face-paced, making them popular pet birds.

If you are considering getting this bird as a pet, be prepared to spend some money on the purchase price and take care of the pet throughout its lifespan. These needs include food, grooming, exercise, and health care expenses.

List of Scarlet Macaw Care Supplies and Costs

Bird Cage $400–$1,000
Cage Accessories $50–$150
Grooming Supplies $70
Toys $70
Food $20–$100
Nail Clipper (optional) $10–$12
Food Bowls and Water $20–$50
Cleaning Supplies $10–$25
Wing Scissors (optional) $10
Initial Vet Check-Up $50–$150
Swing $15–$40

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Scarlet Macaw

  • $20-$1,000+ per month

Your monthly expenses for a Scarlet Macaw may exceed $500, contingent upon your needs and the location of your supply sources. Food, veterinarian visits, entertainment, upkeep of the surroundings, and grooming requirements are all included in the monthly costs.

These large birds will cost you more than other parrots. Thus, it’s advisable to set aside money for emergencies if you intend to purchase one.

Health Care and Medications

  • $150–$1,000+ per month

Like other Macaws, this bird species is prone to plucking. You’ll need to purchase more toys as a diversion to prevent this. But if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to occasionally take your bird for a checkup at the avian veterinarian.

Specialists in avian medicine are well-prepared to handle unusual birds like the Scarlet Macaw. To ensure your bird’s health, you should arrange for a routine examination with one.

When your bird is ill, they will also provide advice and medication recommendations. Establish an emergency fund for medical emergencies to save a lot of money.

A yearly examination is necessary because birds often conceal their illnesses. It is simpler to identify health problems before they worsen if they are regularly examined.

Every six months, if your Scarlet Macaw is older, you can bring them to the avian veterinarian. The birds are more vulnerable to various health issues as they age.

Additionally, you should find out from your veterinarian if your pet bird requires any vaccinations. Since pet birds receive vaccinations to strengthen their immune systems, it would be ideal if your bird received the same protection.

These Macaws are susceptible to parasite infections just like other birds. The medicine required to keep the parasites at bay will be given by your veterinarian.

  • $50-$100+ per month

Feeding your Scarlet Macaw the proper food is very important. A nutritious diet keeps your pet healthy and strong.

You spend less on health care if they are in good health. Macaws have more expensive bird food than other parrots. To maintain a balanced diet, they need to eat a range of foods.

You can choose from a variety of premium seed diets, whole foods, and pelleted foods at your neighborhood and online retailers. The food’s brand, quantity, and nutritional value will all affect how much it costs you.

A Scarlet Macaw needs fruits, vegetables, and seeds for a diet that is well-balanced. Seed mixtures ought to comprise between %205 and 10% of the overall diet. A good quality bag of seed mix goes for $15-$50. Purchasing brands designed especially for Macaws is preferable if you want the optimal mix of nutrients.

At least 25% of the diet should consist of the pellet mix. A quality bag will cost you around $20-$60 each time.

Ultimately, fruits and vegetables should make up 10% to 20% of a person’s daily dietary intake. These products will cost you $5-$15 at the grocery store. Make sure your Scarlet Macaw is receiving each of these nutrients in the right proportions.

Let’s say you are unsure of the daily amount your bird should eat; seek advice from an avian veterinarian regarding the nutritional needs. Depending on your pet bird’s age and health, the amount of food it needs can vary.

  • $10-$20+ per month

The cost of caring for a Scarlet Macaw requires minimal investment. For the bird to take occasional baths, you’ll need to have some bath water.

Together with the beak and wings, you also need to keep their nails clipped. The supplies needed for these grooming sessions only need to be purchased once, and then replaced when they wear out. Therefore, it’s cost-effective.

You also don’t need new grooming products every month. But, you’ll need to factor in the cost of things like shampoo and soap for birds in your monthly budget.

  • $30-$100+ per month

The frequent visits to the avian vet are costly. If your pet bird becomes ill, you will also need to purchase medication, which will raise the cost of your medical care. Even without emergence costs and accidents, these costs are exorbitant.

You can enroll in pet insurance to make it simpler to pay for your Scarlet Macaw’s medical expenses. Establishing a plan will help you better handle any unforeseen costs associated with a veterinarian visit.

  • $20-$50+ per month

Because of their size, macaws can require a lot of maintenance, so the costs could be high. When you obtain a bird of this kind, you must furnish the cage with the highest level of comfort. To prevent the bird from developing foot sores, the cage needs to have cage liners and perches.

Environmental maintenance is easier for owners because it doesn’t require as many items as it does for other pets like dogs and cats.

Chew Toys $20-$50 annually
Cage Liners $30
Trash Can $25
Miscellaneous $50-$100
  • $100-$200+ per month

Macaws enjoy chewing on toys above all else, so you’ll need to purchase larger toys, which will cost more money.

Another drawback is that macaws enjoy ruining their toys and may do so as quickly as feasible. You will then need to replace the toys, which will add to your expenses. As a result, you should set aside money for a separate budget.

Similar to other parrots, they need a lot of stimulation to keep their sharp minds occupied. One way to achieve this is with chew toys. If they can’t get to these toys, they’ll become destructive to things in your home.

Additional components for the cage include stands, perches, lights, and harnesses for your Scarlet Macaw. Depending on the brand, size, and quality, these accessories can be rather pricey. To save money, look through internet retailers for high-quality, more reasonably priced accessories.


Can you own a scarlet macaw in the US?

The sale of domestically raised macaws is legal however imported, wild-caught parrots are not. Of the eighteen species of macaws, all are considered threatened except the scarlet macaw who is now considered an endangered species.

Are scarlet macaws good pets?

Personality & Behavior It’s highly intelligent and is a capable escape artist. It has distinct likes and dislikes, and can become a “one person bird” if care is not taken to train the bird otherwise. The beak is formidable and it can pack a wallop of a bite, so it’s not a great bird for children.

Why are macaws so expensive?

Because of their popularity as pets, rare species, and the initial purchase price, macaws are quite expensive. Some running expenses include price and other maintenance costs for feed, care, and mental stimulation. The price of an average macaw is $1000- $18000.

How rare is a scarlet macaw?

m. cyanopterus, is listed as endangered by the USFWS. The USFWS estimates that only 2,000–3,000 birds of the northern subspecies remain in the wild.