how much caffeine in early bird

I fill my EarlyBird shaker with 8 oz of water and chug the whole drink in a few seconds. Even if I wasnt crazy about the flavor, I can drink …

In high school, I always overslept. I thought I wasn’t a “morning person” and never would be. In college, sleeping in started to take a toll on my performance. I still remember the first semester I snoozed my alarm one too many times and missed an exam. I knew something had to change.??Ready to jump in without finishing the article?

From that day forward, I was determined to find a way to become a “morning person.” After I graduated, I found a gym partner that I met at the gym every morning at 4:45 am. This was my constant to get me out of bed on time for the next three years; a sort of “forced’ accountability since I knew someone would be waiting for me if I overslept.

That all ended when my wife and I decided this year to relocate our family. The daily routine I was so confident in fell apart and I quickly went back to my old habits of oversleeping. I needed to find a new solution: enter EarlyBird.

I saw an ad for a product called “EarlyBird Morning Cocktail” and all the claims it made about helping people become an “early bird”. Unconvinced, I still purchased it out of desperation that it would actually hold true to the claims. I decided to go all out on a 45-day wake-up challenge (more on that below). In short, I drank EarlyBird every morning, as soon as my alarm went off, for 45 days straight and didn’t fail at getting up on time a single day. EarlyBird Morning Cocktail does work, but in a different way than you’d think. Here’s what I discovered.

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Brand EarlyBird
Item Form Powder
Flavor Pineapple Mimosa
Number of Items 1
Unit Count 45.00 Count
  • ENERGY-PACKED FORMULA: The clean energy powder EarlyBird Morning Cocktail gives you the morning boost you need for better focus and mental clarity. Start your morning routine with an EarlyBird Morning Cocktail to boost your energy and hydrate your body with a premium blend of electrolytes.
  • CLEAN ENERGY INGREDIENTS: This blend provides a clean energy source without added sugar, calories, carbs, dairy, or artificial coloring. Packed with antioxidants, natural caffeine, and ultra-hydrating ingredients that improve general wellbeing
  • MORNING COCKTAIL: Put a shaker of water with a scoop of EarlyBird in it, shake, and place it on your nightstand as your secret to waking up early. Shake and sip to arouse your body and mind when the alarm goes off.
  • ENERGY WITHOUT JITTERS: Use EarlyBird Morning Cocktail to confidently increase your energy levels. This powder combines antioxidants, nootropics that improve mood, and electrolytes for supercharged hydration to deliver clean energy from natural caffeine.
  • EXCLUSIVE AMAZON FLAVOR: To awaken your body and mind in the morning, EarlyBird Morning Cocktail offers delicious flavor options that you WANT to drink. Pineapple Mimosa is our very first Amazon exclusive flavor.

how much caffeine in early bird

how much caffeine in early bird

how much caffeine in early bird

What is the EarlyBird Drink?

Let’s start by providing some background information on the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail. A man named Chuckie founded EarlyBird because, you guessed it, he had trouble waking up early. He experimented with various combinations for more than 400 mornings before arriving at what he believed to be the ideal beverage. We’ll get into the actual ingredients below.

The three main components of the beverage EarlyBird are designed to help you wake up in the morning. Those three things are Clean Energy, Hydration, and Mood Enhancement. The components in this “morning cocktail,” as they refer to it, assist in all three areas, enabling you to start the day ahead of schedule and become an early bird.

Overall Thoughts on Ingredients

The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail’s components were carefully chosen with the intention of assisting you in waking up in the morning.

Clinically supported ingredients that support a number of needs for a healthy start to the morning are included in the ingredient list. The only issue is that some ingredients don’t have the right dosage. Even though the ingredients are excellent, I think this product would be much more potent if some of the main ingredients were present in higher dosages.


Does early bird cocktail have caffeine?

Loaded with natural caffeine, antioxidants, and super-charged hydration that enhances overall well-being. MORNING COCKTAIL – Your cheat code to waking up early! Add a scoop of EarlyBird to your shaker of water, shake, and put on your nightstand.

Can you drink early bird while fasting?

Does EarlyBird have any carbs, calories, or sugar? Nope, nope and nope! EarlyBird has zero carbs, zero calories, and zero sugar. This means you can use EarlyBird and stay in a fasted state!