how many types of kite birds are there

21st century edit

In 2015, genetic studies revealed that the tiny bat hawk (Machaerhamphus or Macheirhamphus) is actually related to the enormous harpy eagles, and that many of the kite genera are related to honey-buzzards. A number of the larger kites have a closer relationship with the Buteo hawks, also known as buzzzards, than they do with the group of “true” kites and sea eagles.

Boyd[9] associates the sea eagles of the tribe Milvini within Buteoninae with the “true” milvine kites, Milvus and Haliastur. As a result, the arrangement is as follows (genera enclosed in parenthesis are not typically referred to as kites):

  • Elaninae: Gampsonyx, Chelictinia, Elanus.
  • Perninae: Chondrohierax, Leptodon, Elanoides, (Pernis), Hamirostra, Lophoictinia, (Henicopernis).
  • Buteoninae Harpagini: Harpagus. Milvini: Haliastur, Milvus, (Haliaeetus, Icthyophaga). Buteonini: many genera, including the kites Ictinia, Rostrhamus, and Helicolestes. Ictinia is near-basal, after the Old-World genus Butastur. Along with the black-collared hawk (Busarellus) and the crane hawk (Geranospiza), Rostrhamus and Helicolestes comprise a clade.

Anton Reichenow had additionally classified Section Milvinæ in Subfamily Buteoninæ with Section Buteoninæ as early as 1882. [10]: 18.

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There are five types of kites living in North America. Mexico and the southern states are home to all five species. These smaller raptors get their names from their ability to take advantage of wind currents when they soar in search of prey.

kitesThe Swallow-tailed Kite is the largest member of the group and the Mississippi Kite is the smallest and is found in the most northern range in the eastern parts of the continent. The White-tailed Kite is seen across the southern USA, from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast and has the most northern range in the western parts of North America. The Snail Kite lives in a small region of the southern parts of Florida. Lastly, the Hook-billed Kite is found in the extreme southern portion of Texas and into Mexico. Click on bird s or names to see pictures of the Kites seen in North America

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A few of the traditional Perninae are also called kites.


What is the most common kite bird?

The black kite (Milvus migrans) is a medium-sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae, which also includes many other diurnal raptors. It is thought to be the world’s most abundant species of Accipitridae, although some populations have experienced dramatic declines or fluctuations.

How many kites are there in the world?

There are approximately 22 recognized species of kite in the world. Eight belong to the Elaninae subfamily, while 14 are Milvinae kites. There are four species of kite found in North America: Swallow-tailed Kite; White-tailed Kite; Snail Kite; and Mississippi Kite.

Are there kites in USA?

An American Kite The population that nests in the United States breeds from coastal South Carolina to Florida and west to Louisiana and eastern Texas. These U.S. birds winter in South America.

What is the other name of kite bird?

Milvinae: Harpagus, Ictinia, Rostrhamus, Helicolestes, Milvus, Lophoictinia, Hamirostra, Haliastur.