how many tranq arrows for a terror bird

Basic Info[]

This section is meant to be an exact replica of the writings of the dossier’s author, survivor Helena Walker. There might be some differences between the creature in the game and this text. “.

Phorusrhacidae rapidesultor is a highly aggressive bird that reaches heights of eight to twelve feet and can only just manage a fleeting “flight.” Rather, during its fast sprints, it mostly uses its wings for balance. The flight of the phorusrhacidae family is more akin to an amazing long-distance leap or glide that is prolonged and aided by flapping its wings. Phorusrhacidae exhibits intriguing characteristics associated with theropods like Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Utahraptor. Although it shares many characteristics, like shape and predator patterns, it attacks primarily with lightning-fast dashes and beak slashes.

An excellent combat mount for harassing and scouting is the Phorusrhacidae. The majority of the advantages of a swift, mobile ground-based theropod are enjoyed by Phorusrhacidae riders, who also enjoy some of the freedom of movement of a flyer. if the rider is successful in persuading Phorusrhacidae to remain airborne for a considerable distance „ ~.


The Terror Bird is an extremely aggressive avian species. Even though they usually travel in groups of three or sometimes four, they can occasionally be spotted traveling alone, so exercise caution.

The Redwood forest provides the richest source of prey, which includes the player if they are caught in their wide aggro range even though they are normally found throughout the island. They will therefore most likely be observed in and around this area.

Because the terror bird is such a swift predator, it is very difficult to outrun them on foot.


Because of its strong sprinting ability, the Terror Bird should be avoided in open areas if your equipment is inadequate. In an emergency, swift or sturdy mounts can help you escape or even kill one. Make sure no other mountainous animals join the fight, since a Rex or Giganotosaurus can quickly turn a fun hunt into a horrific massacre of friendly animals and supportive tribe members.


How do you knock out a Terror Bird in Ark?

Shoot it with Tranq Arrows, Tranq Darts or Shocking Tranq Darts until it is unconscious.

Can you ride a Terror Bird in Ark?

You can help the ARK Wiki by expanding it. The Terror Bird Saddle is used to ride a Terror Bird after you have tamed it. See more information on saddles at the Saddles page.

How do you summon a Terror Bird in Ark?

To spawn a Terror Bird, you can use the GMSummon command “TerrorBird_Character_BP_C”.

Where is the Terror Bird in Ark survival?

Be careful when exploring in their spawning areas, which includes the redwoods, the mountains and the rivers at the base of the mountains. Be sure to consider other animals while dealing with Terror Birds, as there are plenty where they spawn!