how many rain bird 32sa per zone

MP Rotators are the most efficient sprinkler type available—that is, if they are installed correctly. They aren’t the solution for every application—in fact, I only use them in about one out of every four systems—but when used properly, they perform admirably. Although they are more costly and less long-lasting, they are effective along driveways because they apply water in a precise pattern, which reduces the likelihood of leaving water stains on cars.

This section covers Xeri Sprays, Bubblers, and Drip. The GPH (gallons per hour) of the emitters you intend to use must be known. Just choose the GPH option below that corresponds to your flow rate. These are some common options/resources to consider if you are unsure which emitters to choose.

Additionally, the rotor has a strong dual-action, positive stop wiper seal that prevents debris from entering the internal components and guarantees positive retraction for leak-free operation when combined with a strong stainless steel spring. It installs on a standard 1/2 in. riser for simple replacement of older rotors.

A greener, more even lawn with less watering time is the outcome of this professional-grade Rain Bird 32SA rotor sprinkler’s outstanding durability and patented Rain Curtain nozzle technology.

Larger water droplets are dispersed by the rotor to cover the pattern uniformly and to lessen overspray caused by wind. By directing some of the spray toward the head, nozzle micro ramps add soft, close-in coverage at a lower watering velocity that won’t wash out fresh seed. Easy top arc and distance adjustments let you prevent water from splattering onto the house, sidewalk, or driveway and instead stay on the grass.

Warranty: Within a reasonable time frame, customers may return any new Rain Bird consumer product they bought to the retailer for a complete refund if they are unhappy with it for any reason. If a product does not live up to a customer’s expectations, Rain Bird’s liability is limited to this refund. Apart from its satisfaction guarantee, Rain Bird consumer products come with no express or implied warranties, and Rain Bird disclaims all liability for any consequential or financial losses.


How many rain bird sprinklers per zone?

If your home’s water capacity was 10 GPM, you could place 3 heads per zone. Consult the Performance Charts on or inside the box your sprinkler head came in for your head’s exact performance data, or locate the performance data in the Support area of this website.

How many sprinklers can I put on one zone?

Typically, a zone can accommodate between five to ten sprinkler heads, with the understanding that each sprinkler head has a watering radius of about 15 feet. However, keep in mind that this is a general guideline, and the specific requirements of your lawn may vary.

How many sprinklers can you run off one line?

This will primarily be determined by the total flow rate and pressure you have available at your source. For example, you generally have a flow rate of 10 gpm from a ¾-inch spigot where you connect your hose. With your 10 gpm flow rate at your spigot, you could run two sprinklers at 5 gpm each.

Can you run two sprinkler valves on one zone?

As with any standard irrigation controller, you can wire multiple solenoids/valves to the same zone output if you want.