how many levels in angry birds blast

In celebration of the bubble blasting puzzle game’s 10,000th level, the new Endless Dream mode presents players new and old with the best the game has to offer.

The Endless Dream mode comes to Angry Birds Dream Blast today! Launched in celebration of the game’s 10,000th level, the limited time event presents players with one endless level full of all of the dream-bubble-popping fun that has delighted millions of players for the last three years.

Upon its launch in 2019, Angry Birds Dream Blast introduced players to an all new puzzle game style for the Angry Birds flock with matchable items that move fluidly inside levels, rather than being locked to a grid. In addition to this new fluid tap-to-match style, Dream Blast also gave fans of the Angry Birds flock a sneak peek into the early lives of their beloved Angry Birds characters with its delightfully adorable character designs and animations. Three years and 10,000 levels later, the game is still going strong, with new features, events, and a whole lot of new levels being added all the time.

True to the game’s original focus on accessibility and providing an instantly fun game experience, the new Endless Dream event allows new players to jump in right from the beginning and experience all of the game’s best levels, characters, and game mechanics. Starting with a set amount of moves, players are tasked with making matches to travel deeper into a never-ending level, earning points and rewards along the way. There are no consequences for running out of moves so players can enjoy the ride without worrying about breaking win streaks.

Endless Dream is available now until August 25th. Download Angry Birds Dream Blast for free from the App Store and Google Play, and celebrate the game’s 10,000th level with us!

Angry Birds Island

On February 1, 2018, Angry Birds Island, also known as Angry Birds Blast 2 and Angry Birds Blast Island, was released as a free-to-play 3D tap-to-match game in a few different countries and regions. Rovio Entertainment was publishing the game, while Mybo was in charge of its development.

On June 26, 2019[1], Islands’ international release was canceled, and its servers were shut down in order to proceed with the Chinese release. This coincided with the time when the majority of the Angry Birds games before Transformers were removed from the App Store. [2].

Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quests are monthly events that happen in game. In order to finish and receive rewards before the month ends, the player must obtain all nine puzzle pieces in this event. The rewards will then be added to the album. It is extremely difficult to obtain the puzzle pieces, so the player must put in a lot of work to get the rewards. The puzzle pieces can be found after finishing levels, hard levels, event levels, or by trading them. The rewards include Boosters, Golden Coins and Silver Coins .

The puzzles are themed around a particular month or occasion, such as Halloween, Christmas, summer, etc.

Chuckstein is a three-day event where prizes are awarded to the player who successfully completes three consecutive levels without losing a life. The same rewards will be awarded.

  • Red
  • The Blues
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Bubbles
  • Hal (appeared in Google Play Games and Game Center achievements), (unused sprite)
  • Stella (cameo)
  • Silver (cameo in a sale)
  • Minion Pigs: Bodies that are vanquished after two hits They appear often. Minion Pigs in the shape of pumpkins (Halloween Reskin), reindeer (Christmas Reskin), and roses (Valentines Day Reskin)
  • Foreman Pig Enemy that is stronger than the Minion Pigs. Santa Claus Foreman Pig (Christmas Reskin) Vampire Foreman Pig (Halloween Reskin)
  • Similar to the Minion Pigs, but movable, the balloon pig bursts into flames when anything around it is destroyed.
  • UFO Pig (Minion and Corporal): They move to a nearby balloon after each turn. You can defeat the Minion Pigs by hitting them once, but you have to hit the Corporal Pigs twice. (In addition, there are some unique UFO Pigs known as Colored Corporal Pigs. They behave like regular UFO Pigs, but when they pop, color spills out in four directions.) ).
  • Doctor Pig can only injure pigs when there are no other pig species present, with the exception of UFO and egg pigs. He heals injured pigs after four turns.
  • Wizard Pig: Curse the yellow balloons so that you can’t normally blast them, but with boosters, you can
  • Yellow Bubble Gum Pig: Chews bubble gum during the level and, after a turn, blows it randomly, making the level more difficult. When injured or defeated, he will stop.
  • When Ice Pig is defeated for the first time, everything around him turns into balloons and the pigs become glass blocks.
  • Egg Pig: Serves as a trap; it burrows into an egg, hatches when the blocks around it are destroyed, and then retreats inside the egg again. It makes birds more angry and they blast random objects.
  • Sleepy Pig: Has a set number of turns and sleeps in the levels. Blue balloons annoy him if they are destroyed. He will wake up and release a green cloud that surrounds him to create boosters if all of the turns end. Laser guns are not included.
  • Piglets: They have the advantage of only requiring one hit to defeat the level because they sit in swings that double their numbers.
  • Painter Pig: He has two paintbrushes and switches them out after each turn. When he is defeated for the first time, the color of the left brush spills into the surrounding area (based on the color of another brush); he then loses brushes and gets hurt.
  • Epic Sax Pig: (Foreman Pig Valentines Day Reskin)
  • Painter Pigs can only be injured by boosters.
  • Only the immune pigs, the Egg Pig and Sleepy Pig, allow blocks to pass through them.
  • Piglets have a different separate aim.
  • Any booster can be used to defeat the Ice Pigs once.
Area Release Levels Number of Stars
1 Cobalt Plateaus / Bird Home December 22, 2016 1-45 135
2 Piglantis 46-90
3 Desert Island 91-135
4 Cobalt Plateaus / Magic Swamp 135-180
5 Pig City 181-225
6 Castle Gardens 225-270
7 Christmas village 271-315
8 The Space 316-360
9 China Town 361-405
10 Maya 406-450
11 Theme Park 451-495
12 496-540
The Cloud Portal
13 Dessert 541-600 180
14 601-660
15 661-720
16 721-780
17 781-840
18 841-900
19 901-960
20 961-1020
21 1021-1080
22 1081-1140
23 1141-1200
24 1201-1260
25 1261-1320
26 1321-1380
27 1381-1440
28 1441-1500
29 1501-1560
30 1561-1620
31 1621-1680
32 1681-1740
33 1741-1800
34 1801-1860
35 1861-1920
36 1921-1980
37 1981-2040
38 2041-2100
39 2101-2160
40 2161-2220
41 2221-2280
42 2281-2340
43 2341-2400
44 2401-2460
45 2461-2520
46 2521-2580
47 2581-2640
48 2641-2700
49 2701-2760
50 2761-2820
51 2821-2880
52 2881-2970 270
53 2971-3060
54 3061-3150
55 3151-3240
56 3241-3330
57 3331-3420
58 3421-3510
59 3511-3600
60 3601-3690
61 3691-3780
62 3781-3870
63 3871-3960
64 3961-4050
65 4051-4140
66 4141-4230
67 4231-4320
68 July 8, 2022

(V 2.3.8)

69 July 30, 2022

(V 2.3.9)

70 4501-4590
71(Unfinished) 4591-4680?
Coming Soon!

For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Blast!/Achievements.

For this subjects gallery, see Angry Birds Blast!/Gallery.

Endless Dream is available now until August 25th. Get Angry Birds Dream Blast from Google Play and the App Store for free, then join us in celebrating the game’s ten thousandth level!

Today marks the arrival of the Endless Dream mode in Angry Birds Dream Blast! This limited-time event was introduced to commemorate the game’s 10,000th level and offers players one endless level packed with all of the dream-bubble-popping fun that has delighted millions of players over the previous three years.

With the new Endless Dream event, new players can start playing from the beginning and experience all of the best levels, characters, and game mechanics in keeping with the game’s original focus on accessibility and an instantaneously enjoyable gaming experience. Players must match objects to advance farther into an endless level using a predetermined number of moves, collecting points and rewards as they go. Players can enjoy the ride without worrying about breaking win streaks because there are no penalties for running out of moves.

To commemorate the bubble-bursting puzzle game’s 10,000th level, players old and new can enjoy the best features of the game in the new Endless Dream mode.

With matchable objects that flow naturally within levels rather than being restricted to a grid, Angry Birds Dream Blast introduced players to an entirely new puzzle gaming experience for the Angry Birds flock when it launched in 2019. Dream Blast’s delightfully cute character designs and animations not only offered Angry Birds fans a glimpse into the early lives of their favorite characters, but also a new fluid tap-to-match style. After three years and ten thousand levels, the game is still going strong, with frequent additions of new features, events, and levels.


How many levels does Angry Birds Dream Blast have?

In total there are 9000+ different levels and some challenges. There are blockers such as wood, glass and stone, that must be destroyed to provide more accuracy on popping the bubbles, some can’t be destroyed, such as gold but they can be avoided.

How many levels does Angry Birds have?

Angry Birds currently has 435 levels and 79 bonus levels, all within 10 episodes and 2 bonus episodes. Every episode has 45 levels except for the episode 1, which has 63 levels, episode 2, which has 42 levels, episode 9, which has only 30 levels and Jurassic Pork which has 46 levels.

How many chapters are there in Angry Birds?

As of December 2023, there are a total of 90 chapters with 3500 levels. Note: Italicized words are fictional references.

How many levels are in Angry Birds Space?

Angry Birds Space features 270 interstellar levels (or 622 (623 on Android) levels, if you count the Danger Zone, Eggsteroids, the Space Egg bonus levels, and the new Space Eagle bonus levels) on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction.