how many levels are in angry birds journey

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Like in Angry Birds 2, there are multiple stages within each level, which are now referred to as “checkpoints.” Each level consists of three to five checkpoints. To advance to the next checkpoint, the player must complete all of the objectives at each checkpoint. Once all objectives at the last checkpoint are completed, the player wins the level.

Blocks breaking causes an anger meter to fill up. You can activate it once it’s full to make the following bird stronger and larger. Additionally, you receive extra power ups at the start of each level if you continue to win streaks of levels (one bird after the first and second win, two birds after the third and fourth win, and three birds after the fifth win and beyond).

Puzzle slingshot game Angry Birds Journey (formerly called Angry Birds Casual) was created by Rovio Entertainment. It is the eleventh mobile game to employ the slingshot gameplay style and the twenty-fourth game in the expanded mainline series. In spite of this, the game’s mechanics are based on more modern tile-matching titles like Angry Birds Dream Blast and Match. The characters are presented to the player in a random order, and the birds behave more like moves. Prior to the game’s rebranding as Journey, the primary objective of the birds was to pop pigs in addition to freeing entrapped hatchlings, which occasionally had missions attached to them (moving their containers to the top or bottom of the stage). Nevertheless, some levels still had the objective of freeing hatchlings. Furthermore, the levels cannot be replayed, so the stars are eliminated.

There is a set number of birds you can launch in each level. For each launch you are given one random bird. You must complete every checkpoint before you run out of birds in order to win the game. If you run out of birds, you must pay 950 coins to advance through the level.

The objective of this slingshot game is for players to aim the bird at the caged hatchlings by dragging the slingshot’s rubber. Again in the “cute” vein, there are a variety of unlockable characters that draw heavily from the features and visuals of Angry Birds Dream Blast. Some of the birds have changed abilities from previous games. Additionally, these powers come into play when the birds strike blocks.


How many levels does Angry Birds have?

Angry Birds currently has 435 levels and 79 bonus levels, all within 10 episodes and 2 bonus episodes. Every episode has 45 levels except for the episode 1, which has 63 levels, episode 2, which has 42 levels, episode 9, which has only 30 levels and Jurassic Pork which has 46 levels.

How many levels are there in Angry Birds Space?

Angry Birds Space features 270 interstellar levels (or 622 (623 on Android) levels, if you count the Danger Zone, Eggsteroids, the Space Egg bonus levels, and the new Space Eagle bonus levels) on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction.

How long does it take to finish Angry Birds?

Main Story
7h 5m
Main + Extras
14h 46m
14h 9m
All PlayStyles
11h 16m

How many chapters are there in Angry Birds?

As of December 2023, there are a total of 90 chapters with 3500 levels. Note: Italicized words are fictional references.